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Clever Growth Chart

Learn how to make a growth chart from Martha Stewart.

Source: Martha Stewart


Wooden rods are commonly sold in eight-foot lengths; consider trimming yours to a more manageable height before you begin.


  • Drill (with bit to match finial screw)

  • Wooden dowel rod, 1 3/4-inch diameter, cut to desired length

  • Unfinished screw-in wooden finial

  • Satin paint, in Blue Sky, Wild Salmon, and Wedding Cake, by Martha Stewart Crafts, from

  • Paintbrush

  • Painters' tape

  • Permanent marker


  1. With drill, make pilot hole in one end of the rod; screw in finial. Paint dowel and finial with diluted white acrylic paint. Let dry.

  2. Have family member stand up straight, with the dowel at his back. Use a pencil to mark his height.

  3. With painters’ tape, mask off a 1/2-inch section of dowel above the mark you just made. Use acrylic paint to fill in the stripe (give each family member a color). Let dry; remove tape.

  4. Write in the name and date on the stripe in permanent marker. Repeat annually (at least).

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