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DIY Entryway Decor

If your entryway has a windblown look -- kids' coats strewn on the floor, bags dropped willy-nilly -- mount a series of knobs at kid-friendly heights to eliminate their bleating, "But we can't reach!" These wooden hangers (actually, drawer knobs painted different colors) look modern and fresh, not childish, and their rounded edges make them safe for little noggins walking nearby.

Source: Martha Stewart


Hanger bolts are threaded at both ends, and you'll need them to connect the knob to the wall. To find the correct size, take the screw that comes with the knob to a hardware store and ask for a match.

Resources: Liberty White birch knobs, in Natural, from Paint (on wall), in Hosta, and paint (on knobs), in Persimmon Red, Tidewater, Awning, Bay Leaf, and Beach Grass, by Martha Stewart Paints; 24k Pure Gold spray paint, by Design Master;


  • Wall paint in various colors (in sample sizes; you need only a small amount of each color)

  • Small paintbrush

  • Wooden drawer knobs in various sizes

  • Drill (with bit paired to bolts)

  • Hanger bolts

  • Plastic anchors (if needed)


  1. Prime and paint drawer knobs in desired shades, and let dry.

  2. Plot out desired pattern for hangers -- some at kid height, some at adult height -- and mark points on wall.

  3. Predrill holes in wall, and then screw hanger bolts into knobs and into wall. (If not screwing into a stud, use plastic anchors to secure.)

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