Learn how to knit a gingham blanket with our pattern—it's as easy as knitting together several quick-to-knit strips.
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Even if your knitting skills max out at scarves, you can make a blanket with quick-to-knit (not even stockinette!) strips: when scarves of alternating stripes are sewn together, they create a gingham pattern. An even smaller version of this would make a great baby blanket. To avoid shrinkage, dry cleaning is recommended. Be sure to check out our guide to knitting for all skill levels.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

With three strands of the dark yarn, cast on 19 stitches. Knit for 32 rows. Switch one strand to the white yarn, and knit for 32 rows. Continue alternating until you have a long, narrow strip of nine squares.

Step 2

Repeat six times, to make seven total dark-and-medium strips.

Step 3

Cast on 19 stitches of two strands of white and one strand of dark. Knit for 32 rows. Switch to all white, and knit for 32 rows. Continue alternating until you have nine squares.

Step 4

Repeat five times, to make six total white-and-medium strips.

Step 5

Alternating strip colors, stitch together along the sides.

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    How difficult was this project?
    Martha Stewart Member
    February 18, 2021
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    So I used Red Heart With Love skeins in 2 shades of grey. I was worried after seeing how many bundles this pattern lists for the project- granted I made a small throw size instead- I only used 4 of each shade so 8 skeins in total. I also used the larger size of needles it suggested, and the 13’s made much larger squares than the picture showed. I don’t mind it, so my throw turned out to be 6x4 large squares in size. To add a little more pattern, I also did a seed stitch. Knit one, purl one every row.