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Gourds in the Graveyard

You can carve just one frightful tombstone or enough gruesome grave-marker pumpkins to haunt an entire cemetery. The more, the scarier.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Pumpkins, pulp removed and flesh scraped to 3/4 inch

  • Clear or masking tape

  • Awl or T-pin

  • Wood gouge

  • Linoleum cutter

  • Large-bulb outdoor string lights

  • Glass jars


  1. For each pumpkin, choose a grave-marker template, and use a photocopier to enlarge it to fit (or draw your own design).

  2. Tape template to pumpkin, and transfer image by punching holes along design with awl.

  3. Use wood gouge to carve away large background areas, and use lino cutter to carve finer details.

  4. Wrap string lights around jars, then place inside pumpkin. Scrape out more flesh behind designs, if needed, to let light shine through.

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