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Deranged Halloween Centerpiece

A bunch of white roses crawling with critters makes a pretty (and) disturbing centerpiece.

Photography: Ditte Isager

Source: Martha Stewart Living, October 2010





  • Permanent glue

  • Rose petals

  • Vinyl bugs

  • Black acrylic paint

  • Vinyl snakes

  • Floral wire, 20-gauge

  • Poster putty

  • Vase, Versailles Crown vase


  1. Use permanent glue to attach vinyl bugs to rose petals.

  2. Paint vinyl snakes using black acrylic paint; let dry.

  3. Use floral wire to create anchors for coiled snakes: twist 1 end around the snake's middle. Insert other end in vase.

  4. Secure centipede (or other big bug) to vase with poster putty.

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