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Beckoning Black Cat

It's easy to adapt our bat pinata technique to make a creepy cat. All you need is a few more materials and you'll have a festive feline in no time.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Latex gloves (optional)

  • Newspaper

  • 2 Balloons, one large and one small

  • 2 Empty bowls

  • Craft glue

  • Medium artist's paintbrush

  • Black tissue paper, cut into strips

  • Red tissue paper, cut into strips

  • String

  • Clothespins and clothesline

  • Craft knife

  • White card stock

  • Black card stock

  • Small scissors

  • White pencil

  • Black poster board

  • Black duct tape


  1. Inflate one balloon and cover it with two layers of red tissue paper, two of newspaper, then a layer of black tissue, using the glue technique described here.

  2. Hang and let dry.

  3. With craft knife and scissors, cut out a mouth-shaped wedge (sketch with white pencil first); set aside.

  4. Reinforce inside of upper lip with duct tape. Cover tape with black tissue.

  5. Cut ears from wedge, and affix with duct tape; cover with tissue.

  6. Draw facial features on white and black card stock.

  7. Cut out features; attach to cat head with undiluted craft glue.

  8. Fill mouth with treats.

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