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Petrified Parlor

Source: Martha Stewart


Cover the furniture with old sheets, and any room appears instantly neglected. Add a "moth-eaten" curtain for the perfect finishing touch. Specimen Jars offer a glimpse into the habits of the home's eccentric master.


  • Scissors

  • Lightweight white or cream cotton fabric

  • Measuring tape

  • Needle and thread (or sewing machine)

  • Black tea bags

  • Spray bottle

  • Clothesline and clothespins

  • Curtain rod


  1. Make basic curtain or pair of curtains: Cut fabric 2 inches longer than window frame, fold top 2 inches, and sew a curtain-rod channel. For a moth-chewed look, twist a section of fabric tightly, and hold in one hand. With the other hand, use slightly dull scissors to take tiny snips out of balled-up fabric. Repeat until entire curtain has uneven snips, slashes, and holes. Wash and dry curtain, removing it from the dryer when still slightly damp. The curtain will be knotted; make more tears and slices if desired.

  2. Brew a pot of strong tea (4 tea bags per 2 cups of water), cool, and pour into spray bottle. Flatten curtain out, and clip to a clothesline; spray tea so it drips down, as if the rod has rusted and stained the fabric. Let dry, then hang curtain from rod.

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