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Decrepit Dwelling

A tangle of cheesecloth spiderwebs is a sure sign that ghouls, goblins, and other spooky types have taken over the (un)living room. The ragged-looking webs can be hung across any entryway. Drooping lilies on the buffet table and pumpkins in faded hues add to this space's haunted appeal.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Measuring tape

  • White or ivory cheesecloth (by the roll)

  • Scissors

  • Pushpins or adhesive hooks

  • Plastic spiders

  • White craft glue


  1. Measure where you will hang the cheesecloth, and cut fabric to the width of that space. Pin or hook cheesecloth in place. Cut vertical strips in cloth, varying the length of the cuts and the spacing between.

  2. Snip, tear, and make holes in each strip; rub cheesecloth between hands to fray the edges. Attach plastic spiders to the tattered webbing with glue.

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