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Next to black cats, sharp-taloned ravens and crows are a witch's most faithful minions.

Source: Martha Stewart


Here, a flock swings on perches made from cardboard tubes. Use the template provided to make a hook-beaked bird, or create a species of your own design.


  • Mailing tube

  • Black acrylic paint

  • Paintbrush

  • Craft knife

  • 2 eye hooks

  • 2 black chains

  • Chalk

  • Black foam core

  • Pushpin

  • Monofilament

  • Hooks


  1. Make a perch by coating a cardboard mailing tube with black acrylic paint; let dry. With a craft knife, cut a diagonal slit in center of perch. Screw an eye hook into each end of the tube. Attach a length of black chain (sold at hardware stores) to each hook.

  2. To make a raven, use chalk to copy the template onto black foam core using the grid method. Cut out with craft knife. Slip raven's foot into slit on perch. Pierce the top of raven's head with a pushpin. Thread monofilament through the hole; tie into knot. Hang chains on two hooks in ceiling, and attach monofilament to the ceiling with a pushpin for stability.

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