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Mummy Pumpkins

Transform your gourd or pumpkin into a modern-day mummy with this easy project.

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Tall oblong pumpkin or gourd (Use a tall pumpkin so you'll have more room to wrap)

  • Miniature saw

  • 2 large white map tacks

  • Black permanent-ink marker

  • White streamers

  • Double-sided tape


  1. For the pumpkin's eyes, cut two 1/2-inch holes with saw. Place map tacks inside holes.

  2. To complete eyes, draw dots on map tacks with marker.

  3. Secure one end of a streamer to stem end of pumpkin with double-sided tape; wrap streamer around pumpkin, leaving a gap for eyes to show through.

  4. Once bottom of pumpkin is wrapped, secure other end of streamer to pumpkin with double-sided tape.

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