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Eyeball Tableware and Blood-Orange Cocktail Labels

Source: Martha Stewart


Eyeball Tableware

If anything is worse than having everyone's eyes on you, it's the feeling that one person is following your every move. The plates, glasses, and pitcher here (adorned with our clip-art eyeballs) capture that fear in extreme close-up. You can stare down those cold, soulless eyes as you nosh on cocktail onions tossed in blood-orange juice or other slippery round snacks. But whatever you do, don't blink.

These decoupaged eyeballs are made to last the length of your party. If you want them to last longer, use waterproof glue and keep the bottoms of the dishes dry. Moisture will cause the paper to peel away.

Resources: Marta double old-fashioned glasses and Beaker glass pitcher, Martini stir rod and Circle salad plates,

Blood-Orange Cocktails

The sight of blood makes yours run cold. But not all dark-red fluids are true blood. This cocktail is merely a quencher for a particularly villainous thirst. Each vial holds a serving of blood-orange cocktail; ours is made with liqueur for grown-ups, but a juice-only version for kids would be just as gruesome.

Our printable clip-art stickers seal the stoppers and include vital information such as flavor and blood type. Offer gauze napkins alongside to complete the transfusion experience.


  • Clear drinking glasses, plates, and pitcher

  • Decoupage glue, such as Mod Podge

  • Flat brush


  1. Print our eyeball clip art, enlarging or reducing as needed to fit your glassware and dishes. Trim rounds so they fit just inside the rims of the pieces.

  2. Turn each item upside down, and use brush to apply a thin layer of glue to the bottom. Smooth paper, image side down, against it. Then brush the back of the paper with more glue, softening the paper so you can smooth it down neatly.

  3. To remove the image, soak the piece in water until it peels off.

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