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Belt and Cuffs How-To

Source: Martha Stewart


Thick painters' tape is ideal for belts and cuffs, and it sticks right to paper or muslin.


  • 2-inch-wide strip of kraft paper, muslin, or reflective tape, cut to fit around child's waist with 1-inch overlap

  • Painters' tape in a variety of colors

  • Two 2-by-8-inch strips of kraft paper or muslin

  • Fabric glue, such as Magna-Tac


  1. Make belt: Cover long paper or muslin with desired color of painters' tape. (If using reflective tape, skip this step.) Create belt buckle by trimming pieces of painters' tape and sticking them to the center of strip.

  2. Print cuff template. Cut out. Trace onto the shorter pieces of paper or muslin, and cut out. Cover cutout with desired color of painters' tape. Wrap around wrist so the ends overlap at slight angle, forming a peak. Tape or glue in place.

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