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Superhero Mask and Head Band How-To

Source: Martha Stewart


Trim a plain mask into a shape with personality. Even the small bits of the tape we used are highly reflective, so it's great for trick-or-treating after dark. All children's costumes should be trimmed in reflective tape to keep trick-or-treaters visible and safe, but why stop there? A reflective-tape lightning bolt or superhero logo turns a sweat suit into a costume in record time. Draw designs on the white sticker backing, and cut out. Use craft paper punches for decorative shapes, or pinking shears for quick rickrack trim.


  • Cardboard eye mask

  • Small sharp scissors

  • Fabric glue, such as Magna-Tac

  • Two 10-inch pieces of 1/2-inch ribbon

  • 1 length reflective tape, 30 inches

  • Glitter paper

  • Cut-out or punched stars


  1. For mask, use a pen to draw your desired outline, and cut out. (Snip from top and bottom, but leave sides intact.) Remove the mask's elastic, and glue ribbon at sides.

  2. Print templates of headband and crest. Cut out, and trace the headband onto reflective tape and the crest onto glitter paper. Glue star to crest, then glue crest to headband. Let dry. Center crest on forehead, and wrap band around head; trim ends to allow a 1-inch overlap. Glue ends.

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