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Tombstone Decorations for Your Lawn

Set out a few tombstones in your yard and let them work the graveyard shift on Halloween. These are made by trimming gray paper bags. They bear an eerie resemblance to real gravestones when lit with mini lights. 

Source: Martha Stewart


Paper luminarias are often weighted with sand; these are reinforced with cardboard and staked in place. The light seems to rise up from the ground.

Resources: Flat paper shopping bags, in Gray; LED tea lights,



  • Gray paper bags, 12 by 15 inches

  • Cutting mat

  • Craft knife

  • Sponge applicator

  • Craft paint, in black

  • Cardboard, cut to fit bottom of bag

  • Garden stakes, 4 inches

  • LED tea lights


  1. Print the tombstone and epitaph templates.

  2. Place template on top of a bag, and trace around the top edge. Cut along that line to create stone shape. Tape epitaph template to cutting mat, and use craft knife to cut out letters to make a stencil.

  3. Place epitaph stencil on the bag you just cut. Using sponge, dab with craft paint to transfer letters. Let dry. Open bag, and insert cardboard piece to reinforce the bottom. Place in desired spot, and drive garden stakes through the bottom of the bag into the ground. Add lights, about 3 per bag.

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