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Dollhouse-Trim Frame How-To

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2011


Miniature molding provides a striated border, for the same hand-carved look as genuine Tramp Art -- no chiseling required. A traditional frame like this one pairs well with vintage memorabilia, such as a colorful stamp collection.

Use a miter box to cut 45-degree angles at ends of dollhouse trim.


      • 1/4-by-1-inch basswood (see below for lengths)

      • Miter box

      • Wooden frame, 12 1/2 by 16 1/2 inches

      • Sandpaper, fine grit

      • Tacky glue, such as Aleene's

      • Flat-bristle brushes

      • 1/4-by-9/16-inch dollhouse molding

      • Primer and paint


      1. Cut basswood to the following lengths with miter box:
        2 vertical pieces 6 inches longer than exterior length of frame
        2 horizontal pieces to fit the interior width
        4 pieces 2 3/4 inches long
        4 pieces 6 inches long

      2. Assemble and glue cut pieces, sanding ends of wood as necessary for a good fit: Attach the vertical pieces along the length of the frame. Add the horizontal pieces to the width.

      3. Attach the 2 3/4-inch pieces to right and left sides of the frame, forming a right angle; glue.

      4. Set the 6-inch pieces at a diagonal over the inside corners of the frame; glue.

      5. Cut 1/4-by-9/16-inch dollhouse molding with miter box to fit length and width, cutting 45-degree angles at each end. Fit the pieces between the diagonal pieces, and glue.

      6. After glue has dried, apply 1 coat of primer, let dry, and then apply 2 coats of paint.

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