In 2006, Anna Bern pulled a Stuart Little, trading the city for the country. She quit her job as design director at Vogue to open a shop in a small upstate New York town. "When I saw the ‘store for rent' sign, I knew it was my ticket out of Manhattan," she says. Her lifestyle boutique, Nest, is a testament to her great taste, filled with artisan-made furnishings and clothing from around the world (including her native country, Brazil), as well as vintage pieces she's found locally. "I jump in my pickup truck or get on a plane and buy things for the shop that I love."

The Chair That Started It all

"I came across these cowhidechairs in Rio and started selling them even before I had a shop. They're my No.1 seller." Brazilian cowhide chair, $750.

A Day In the Life

"In the warmer months, I live in my Airstream trailer and spend every day working at the shop, then swimming in the Delaware River. Other times of the year, I take buying trips.I just went to Bali for two months. I know -- tough, right?"

Best Find

"This table from India has a little of that industrial-modern look but feels warm because of its wood legs." Aluminum clad dining table, $1,800.

Wardrobe Standbys

"In the summer, Balinese dresses and necklaces and a Padovani bag from Brazil; in the winter, a wool-down coat and fun 1960s boots." Long Bali dress, $140. Long kaftan, $85. Tribal necklaces, $150 each. Cipola bag, $450. Soia & Kyo coat, $385. Apres-ski boots, $140.

Signature Scent

"I like unisex perfumes, nothing too feminine. This lavender scent has an unexpected muskiness." La Compagnie de Provence eau de toilette, in Incense Lavender, $50.

Go-To Palette

"I start with beige and from there, wood and linen elements always fall in place. When I set a table, I like mixing different linen napkins." Wooden hooks, $35 each, and Fog napkins, $60 for 4.

Design DNA

"I'm Danish Brazilian, and I think that helps explain my style: clean but eclectic."

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