The 25 Most Beautiful Living Room Rugs for Every Home Style

Bring welcome texture to your central gathering space with these rugs, which range from minimalist to traditional.

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Composite of living room rugs
Photo: Courtesy of West Elm, Amazon

A beautiful rug can boost your living room's overall aesthetic, whether you prefer eclectic, minimalist, modern, traditional, or coastal design. That's why it's important to understand the elements of each style—and determine which you prefer most—before you purchase a rug, a décor piece that anchors the room and serves as the backdrop for larger elements, like furniture.

To help you decide (and shop), we tapped several interior designers to break down each living room style and share their favorite rugs to match.

Eclectic Living Room Rugs

If you love to mix and match décor, consider an eclectic design aesthetic for your living room, says Ryann Swan of Ryann Swan Design. "To me, an eclectic space [combines] seemingly disparate items into one cohesive design," says Swan. "'70s lighting, Georgian antiques, and modernist seating: [Eclectic design] is the ability to blend these elements together into a room where all the elements are different things. They are still speaking the same language."

West Elm "Margo Selby" Squares Rug

Margo Selby Squares Rug
Courtesy of West Elm

To play up the boldness of eclectic style in your living room, consider this colorful flatweave rug. Margo Selby, a renowned textile designer, created this eye-catching reversible rug with durable cotton.

There are several ways you can style this rug in an eclectic space. Take the safe route and choose furniture in the same shades as the rug's quieter colors, or go bold by decorating your space in the brighter shades of its accent squares, says Shaolin Low of Studio Shaolin.

Hauteloom Liverpool Abstract Living Room Area

Hauteloom Liverpool Abstract Living Room Area
Courtesy of Amazon

An eclectic living room usually includes seemingly disparate items that make sense together, says Swan. If you are looking for a standout piece to fit into the puzzle of your unique space's design scheme, consider this marble swirl pattern rug, which has a soft medium pile. The stunning abstract design and swirled pink-and-gray color palette draws the eye, but won't overwhelm other statement pieces in the room.

Revival Gearhart Rug

Gearhart Wool Washable Rug
Courtesy of Revival Rugs

This soft high-pile washable wool rug is a great layering piece for an eclectic living room, explains Swan. The green hand-tufted rug, which features 50 percent New Zealand wool and 50 percent Indian wool, brings unique style to a space without overpowering it. "Sometimes, even in an eclectic design, you need a quiet note in the symphony of furnishings," says Swan. "I like how this still maintains a pattern through the high/low pile heights, but the tone on tone allows for it to be in the background."

Gradasi Teal Quartz Rug

Gradasi Teal Quartz Rug
Courtesy of Ruggable

The bold pattern and colors of this rug speak to eclectic design. The lines, which decrease in the thickness towards the center of the carpet, create a striking gradient-like look, thanks to the overlapping teal-and-coriander hues.

Asti Hand-Tufted Black and White Area Rug

View Asti Hand-Tufted Black and White Area Rug 8'x10
Courtesy of CB2

Eclectic style is all about contrasting elements that still feel cohesive. That's why this rug, which has a deep black pile and white line design, is the perfect addition to your living room. "The dark tones of this rug and simple geometries give a nice backdrop to layer on more formal or softer furnishings," says Swan.

Despite its bold contrast, it's also easy on the eyes: The rug has meditative, rhythmic qualities thanks to the simple repeating geometries, explains Bryn Namavari, the designer of the piece.

Minimalist Living Room Rugs

Minimalist design is both simple and functional, says Low—and while decorating in this style might seem straightforward, it can be challenging to get right. "Your goal is to achieve a simple look without leaving the room bare," Low says. The best way to nail it is by taking a "less is more" approach. As for how to apply this ethos when you're shopping for rugs? Look for neutral options that will enhance the room itself, instead of pieces with an abundance of color or patterns that can overpower a space, says Swan.

Ruggable Serenata Ash Grey Rug

Serenata Ash Grey Rug
Courtesy of Ruggable

This neutral rug features a blend of neutrals, including silver taupe, dove gray, and sand; mixed together, the shades resemble concrete. "In addition to being a safe choice for its ability to blend in, this rug can also pull together any mix of furniture pairings," says Low.

While this rug is neutral, it is definitely not a boring choice. "A classic rug notable in its simplicity, the tonal differences allow for visual interest without overpowering a space," says Swan.

Martha Stewart Lattice Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Martha Stewart Lattice Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Courtesy of Martha

Martha's beige rug is just what you need in your minimalist living room. The lattice detail makes a quiet statement, but the rug will still blend in with other neutral elements in your space, says Low.

nuLOOM Beaulah Modern Geometric Shag White Area Rug

Beaulah Modern Geometric Shag White 8 ft. x 10 ft. Area Rug
Courtesy of Home Depot

This minimalist rug will bring a modern touch to a living room, thanks to its geometric pattern. Its ultra-soft feel is an added bonus; it's hand-tufted with a plush pile.

Mercury Row Pollman Machine Woven / Power Loomed Performance Cream/Black Rug

Pollman Machine Woven / Power Loomed Performance Cream/Black Rug
Courtesy of Wayfair

Both neutral and eye-catching, this abstract rug is a perfect addition to a minimalist living room. "Minimalist doesn't mean boring!" says Low. "This rug is a playful choice for anyone [who's] looking for an abstract moment to bring life to your living room."

London Collection Swirl Area Rug

London Collection Gray 100% Wool 8 ft. x 10 ft. Hand-Tufted Swirl Area Rug
Courtesy of Home Depot

This wool rug has a multi-shade swirl design, which was created using a tie-dyeing method. "The pattern in this rug allows for a design element that is subtle and understated," says Swan. "True to the principles of minimalist design, it is more about the construction of the piece rather than the color."

Modern Living Room Rugs

A modern living room should balance contrast, variety, and unity, says Teresa Manns, the founder of Teresa Manns Design. "In a modern rug, I would look for clean lines that offer contrast to the pieces grouped with it," says Manns. "This can be in the form of color or texture."

Artistic Weavers Penrod Modern Geometric Area Rug

Artistic Weavers Penrod Modern Geometric Area Rug,5' x 7',Black/Ivory
Courtesy of Amazon

If you're in search of a chic, modern rug, shop this geometric option. "This rug has a nice balance of color contrast, pattern shape, and density," says Manns, adding that she would use this rug to anchor a modern living room. "It has negative space within the pattern design that would help to draw attention to the furnishings placed with it."

nuLOOM Prisms Modern Abstract Area Rug

nuLOOM Prisms Modern Abstract Area Rug, 5' x 8', Light Grey
Courtesy of Amazon

With a combination of gold, teal, gray, and white hues, this abstract rug will be the centerpiece of your living room. "This rug has good movement and variety, with a nice proportion to the color blocking," Manns says.

Revival "Noon" Ombre Wool Rug

Noon Ombre Wool Rug
Courtesy of Revival Rugs

This ombre rug's gradual transition from orange to a deep red packs on the "wow" factor, says Lucas Goldbach, partner and design director at En Masse Architecture and Design. "The color and bold look is the perfect backdrop to simple modern furniture," says Goldbach.

West Elm Zoe Bios "Islands" Rug

Zoe Bios Islands Rug
Courtesy of West Elm

When you add this rug to your living room floor, you will boost "color, texture, and movement" in your space, according to the Zoe Bios art collective, the creators behind this statement piece. "This rug would bring a modern design aesthetic to a living room that has boldly colored furnishings, as the pattern and palette would balance out strong upholstery," says Goldbach. "I would use a coffee table that allows for the overall patterning of the rug to shine through to keep the pattern balance proportionate."

West Elm Distressed Foliage Rug

Distressed Foliage Rug
Courtesy of West Elm

Mirroring the appearance of cascading vines, this rug's textured pattern is a stunning adaptation of the great outdoors. "A simple, textural rug is a timeless accent to any modern space," says Goldbach. "This woven rug brings a casual and cozy layer to a modern space. The ease and durability of this rug align with the often heavy and bold design elements of modern design, like concrete and metal."

Traditional Living Room Rugs

If you want to bring a traditional feel to your living room, classic and timeless décor is a must, says Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design. "When I think of traditional design, I think of older pieces with rich stories [that are] worn and loved, made by hand, and [have] patterns from the past," she says. "Traditional design emphasizes symmetry and order. It's typically harmonious and put together, but not overly fancy."

Ruggable Kamran Hazel Rug

Kamran Hazel Rug in 5x7
Courtesy of Ruggable

This rug is meant to mirror a traditional Persian-style Heriz rug. "This rug brings a traditional design to your space because of the wide border and center medallion," says Watts. However, it has a slightly modern touch: The distressed design adds warmth and a rustic feel.

Revival "Heiderose" Vintage Turkish Rug

Heiderose Vintage Turkish Rug
Courtesy of Revival Rugs

Bring a vintage-inspired work of art into your home by covering your floor with this one-of-a-kind rug, hand-knotted by artisans in Usak, Turkey. "The motif is commonly seen in traditional interiors," says Watts. "It is worn and has a story. This adds to the age and wealth of your room."

West Elm Brushed Flowers Rug

Brushed Flowers Rug
Courtesy of West Elm

Just like an heirloom passed down from generations, this rug has a traditional style and a slightly aged appearance. "This Persian-style rug is made to look worn by the fading and has traditional colors (blue, red, rust, and cream)," says Watts.

Loloi II Skye Collection Sky-12 Ocean/Multi Traditional Accent Rug

Loloi II Skye Collection SKY-12 OCEAN / MULTI, Traditional 6'-0" x 9'-0" Area Rug
Courtesy of Amazon

With a blend of timeless motifs and contemporary design, this rug is just what you need for a home with vintage accents. "This rug is made to look worn," says Watts, who points out its large border, center medallion, and traditional colors as highlights.

Pottery Barn "Charli" Persian-Style Easy Care Rug

Charli Persian-Style Easy Care Rug
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Another rendering of traditional Persian design, this rug features a timeless botanical pattern. Although it has vintage appeal, the carpet is also easy to maintain (just shake and vacuum routinely!). "This rug has a combination of a traditional motif and use of multiple colors," says Watts. "It has a new feel to it because of the [polypropylene] material used for easy care."

Coastal Living Room Rugs

Coastal design draws inspiration from nature and the ocean. According to Wyatt, there are two words that sum up this style: calming and laid-back. "I find that [coastal design] has neutral colors inspired by a landscape and organic materials working together to create an elevated, yet casual space," she says. "I like to add layers of glass details and nature-inspired accents." When you're shopping for rugs for a coastal-inspired living room, look for those organic textures (think cotton and jute) and soft colors (you'll find lots of blues on our list).

Martha Stewart Lattice Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Martha Stewart Lattice Rug
Courtesy of Martha

This rug, designed by Martha, is perfect for a living room—but it works just as well in an outdoor gathering space, like a porch or deck, too. The versatile piece has a pale aqua tone and unique woven pattern, which offers soft texture. "The blended cool colors in this rug create a watercolor impression, which reminds me of the sea and sky on a cold day," says Watts.

Safavieh Handmade Natural Fiber Beacon Jute Rug

SAFAVIEH Handmade Natural Fiber Beacon Jute Rug - 5' x 8' - Natural
Courtesy of Overstock

An earthy option, this handmade rug truly speaks to this nature-forward design style. "Jute is a go-to for me in calm, causal interiors, and this woven one is great for a coastal room," says Watts.

Revival "Mega Shag" Hand-knotted Shag rug

Mega Shag
Courtesy of Revival Rugs

Crafted with 100 percent New Zealand wool, this rug is extremely soft to the touch. "The comforting white and thick texture of this rug will be heaven under your feet," says Watts. "You will want to move your toes around just as you would at the beach." The rug also features a hydrophobic layer that repels dust and dirt, in addition to lanolin, which keeps it from shedding.

Ruggable "Impasto" Slate Blue Premium Rug

Impasto Slate Blue Premium Rug
Courtesy of Ruggable

This Ruggable rug draws inspiration from a 17th-century painting technique called impasto, which has a texture similar to thick paint on canvas. The piece's soft blue hue is also reminiscent of Mother Nature.

Alexander Home Sandstone Abstract Contemporary Rug

Alexander Home Sandstone Abstract Contemporary Rug Product Images
Courtesy of Overstock

Looking for a non-blue option that still speaks to this design aesthetic? Handcrafted from wool, this durable green rug, complete with an abstract design, mimics a beautiful natural landscape—it reminds us of dunes and forests by the water.

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