Most Americans Talk to Their Pets—and 48% Have Told Them a Secret No One Else Knows, According to a Study

Plus, 31 percent of survey respondents talk about the tight bond they share with their pets in icebreaker conversations.

If you have a cat or dog, you already know the joy that they bring to your everyday life. And you're not alone: A new survey conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with ACANA Pet Food found that fellow pet parents feel the exact same way. After surveying 2,000 cat and dog owners, the researchers found that some owners may even have a mild obsession with their four-legged friends—and some even treat them like people (and trust them like a close friend!). Fifty-five percent have conversations with their cats and dogs, and 48 percent said that they've told their pet a secret that no one else knows.

Although some may not talk to their pets, many respondents still love to talk about them: Thirty-one percent of pet owners have brought their dogs or cats up in icebreaker conversations, too. The obsession runs even deeper: Based on the survey results, 44 percent have a picture of their pet printed on one of their possessions (and 21 percent even have a photo of their pet on their clothes!).

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Many pet owners even think their cat or dog can be the next big thing: Six in 10 of the pet owners from the survey truly believe their pet has what it takes to go viral on the internet. "If there's one thing the internet has taught us, it's that people are obsessed with seeing and sharing cute animals with each other," said Kirsten Mundorff, brand manager for ACANA pet food, in a statement.

As a result, one in three have given their cat and dog their very own social media account. "The popularity of animal influencers proves that pet obsession is incredibly common, even if you don't actually own a pet—although it certainly helps!" said Mundorff. "The difference between obsessing over pets online and offline, of course, is that you can channel those feelings into taking care of your pet in person whether it be with snuggles, healthy snacks, or special treats. Let's face it, being able to pamper your own cat or dog and experience the reciprocal love they have for you is a lot more rewarding than hitting the 'like' button on a phone screen!"

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