6 Kitchen Island Paint Color Ideas That Will Bring Personality to Your Space

No, your kitchen island doesn't have to match your cabinetry.

Is your kitchen in need of a makeover? Skip costly new appliances and cabinetry and consider giving the focal point of the space—your kitchen island—a fresh coat of paint, instead. We're not talking about a touch-up: Testing an entirely new shade, one that either contrasts or complements the existing hue of your cupboards, is an impactful way to bring personality into the heart of your home.

Your island's siloed positioning makes it a great candidate for bold color. "Because an island is isolated from the rest of the cabinetry in a kitchen, there are a number of ways a color change can shift an overall look to a new direction, as well as provide an opportunity to bring different colors into the space," says Andrea Magno, director of color marketing and development at Benjamin Moore. "There are many colors that will result in a fantastic-looking island, from intriguing deeps and well-loved neutrals to playful brights."

bright kitchen island and cabinets
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Consider these six paint color ideas to make your island the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Deep Gray

blue kitchen island
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To bring color into the kitchen while staying in a fairly neutral zone, try Oxford Gray 2128-40—which has a navy-like depth—Magno suggests. "[It] complements many countertop materials beautifully in its ability to enhance veining with gray-and-blue undertones," she says.


dark green kitchen
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Both timeless and bold, a green paint color can help elevate your kitchen island's design. "A pleasing deep green with a warm undertone, Boreal Forest AF-480 is an excellent choice for a kitchen. It pairs perfectly with many neutrals, wood tones, and counter materials," says Magno."This is a color that delivers interest while remaining classic to stand the test of time."

If you want a softer option, consider Mizzle, a beautiful pale mint, says Patrick O'Donnell, International Brand Ambassador of Farrow & Ball.


blue kitchen island
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There are several blue hues that work well on a kitchen island, including Benjamin Moore's Caribbean Blue Water 2055-30. "[It] brings an attractive dose of color that is a bit unexpected, but contrasts well with cabinets in whites or grays," says Magno, who notes that this eye-catching, saturated shade has major personality—and looks "refreshing and playful" in a kitchen.


light blue-green kitchen
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Can't decide between a traditional green or blue hue? Consider a blended shade that's the best of both worlds. According to Magno, a tranquil blue-green, like Wythe Blue HC-143, is a welcoming and versatile kitchen island paint color; it "sings when paired with a number of off-whites and other pale hues," she says.

If you have a more organic, earthier kitchen aesthetic, a muted green shade with just a hint of blue, like Farrow & Ball's Pigeon, could be a strong choice, says O'Donnell.


brown modern kitchen
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Most kitchens tend to have one streamlined cabinetry and island color, but giving your centerpiece a distinct shade can help break up the space—and make the room feel brand new. "Islands tend to benefit from a darker color to contrast with surrounding cabinetry in a lighter tone, but it's up to you whether to go tonal," says O'Donnell.

It's easy to go tonal with brown shades, so consider a dark chocolate color, like Farrow & Ball's Cola, for your kitchen island if you have lighter wood cabinetry, says O'Donnell. And if your goal is to create a stylish complement, not a gradient? Paint your cabinetry a pale mid-blue; these shades naturally highlight each other, he adds.


charcoal grey kitchen
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Here's a great example of high-impact contrast: A kitchen island painted in an inky shade, like Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal, pops against a bright-white backsplash. "No matter what the color preference is, creating a connection between the island color and other points in the kitchen will create a cohesive color scheme that displays style and attention to detail," says Magno.

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