The Most Popular St. Patrick's Day Recipes in Every State

Use these findings to help plan your holiday menu.

irish soda bread
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St. Patrick's Day is just three days away and if you're like many people across the country, you're already planning your menu. But if you're not sure what you want to serve during your holiday feast, new data revealing what Irish dishes people are most excited to eat this year might help inspire you.

The study, which was conducted by food sensitivity specialist YorkTest, utilized Google search data in each state to find out which St. Patrick's Day recipes have seen the biggest rise in popularity over the last year.

Researchers found that across the board, there appears to be a decreased interest in hearty meat and potato-based dishes and a higher interest in home-baked items, like Irish soda bread, Barmbrack, and Irish pasties (which involves putting beef and potatoes inside a pastry). In fact, the recipe with the biggest rise in searches across the country—increasing by 2,813 percent—is baked soda bread.

Breakfast has also appeared to peak in overall interest, with a 1,823 percent rise in searches for a full Irish breakfast and a 1,062 percent rise in searches for Irish coffee. A full Irish breakfast typically consists of bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, eggs, boxty, Irish soda or brown bread, and black or white pudding. According to the survey, black and white pudding saw a 1,369 percent increase in Google searches.

The Most Popular St. Patrick's Day Recipes In Each State

Discover what's trending in your state, below—and consider adding it to your menu to delight your crowd.

  1. Alabama: Dublin coddle
  2. Alaska: Boxty
  3. Arizona: Full Irish breakfast
  4. Arkansas: Cured salmon
  5. California: Irish coffee
  6. Colorado: Barmbrack
  7. Connecticut: Boxty and white pudding
  8. Delaware: Colcannon
  9. Florida: Irish shortbread
  10. Georgia: White pudding
  11. Hawaii: Fish pie
  12. Idaho: Cured salmon, full Irish breakfast, fish pie, white pudding
  13. Illinois: Colcannon
  14. Indiana: Irish soda bread
  15. Iowa: Cured salmon and full Irish breakfast
  16. Kansas: Cured salmon
  17. Kentucky: Brown bread
  18. Louisiana: Cured salmon
  19. Maine: Dublin coddle
  20. Maryland: Cured salmon
  21. Massachusetts: Irish shortbread
  22. Michigan: Brown bread
  23. Minnesota: White pudding
  24. Mississippi: Cured salmon
  25. Missouri: Barmbrack
  26. Montana: Irish coffee
  27. Nebraska: Irish coffee
  28. Nevada: Barmbrack
  29. New Hampshire: Full Irish breakfast
  30. New Jersey: Full Irish breakfast
  31. New Mexico: White pudding
  32. New York: Irish pasties
  33. North Carolina: Irish pasties
  34. North Dakota: Bangers and mash
  35. Ohio: Irish pasties
  36. Oklahoma: Barmbrack
  37. Oregon: Irish coffee
  38. Pennsylvania: Irish pasties
  39. Rhode Island: Full Irish breakfast, white pudding
  40. South Carolina: Irish pasties
  41. South Dakota: Seafood chowder
  42. Tennessee: Full Irish breakfast
  43. Texas: Irish shortbread
  44. Utah: Full Irish breakfast
  45. Vermont: Boxty
  46. Virginia: Irish shortbread
  47. Washington: Barmbrack
  48. West Virginia: Black pudding
  49. Wisconsin: Irish pasties
  50. Wyoming: Colcannon
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