15 Window Treatment Ideas That Will Completely Transform Any Room in Your Home

From dramatic drapery to natural shades (or a mix of both), the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing window treatments for your space.

While they're an effective way to provide privacy and filter light out of your home, window treatments are more than just a functional design element. From dramatic drapery to breezy curtains, window accents are a decorative statement that can completely transform any room. They're available in a range of shapes and sizes, whether you want to accent a kitchen window with valances or cover a large bay window in your living room.

pinch pleat style curtains bedroom window
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With so many combinations possible, it can be difficult to land on a window treatment design that works for your space. Start by considering the mood you want to evoke in the room. Do you want a bedroom that feels slightly moody? Consider drapery in darker hues. Or perhaps you want to create a refreshingly open vibe in your kitchen? A sheer curtain that lets light in may be ideal. No matter what aesthetic you're hoping to achieve, there's plenty of window treatment ideas available to give you some inspiration.

light hued color scheme large coffee table between couches
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Breezy Roman Shades

Thick curtain panels aren't the only way to accent a large window. Opt for simple roman shades in a neutral shade to make your room feel more open. In this monochromatic living room, light hues are made even brighter with the help of natural light. The textured roman shades can be pulled all the way up to keep the window in full view. When let down, the light tan effortlessly complements the home's natural color palette.

entryway overlooking neutral-colored living room with blue chairs and red accent pieces
Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Bold Colors

Do you gravitate more towards bolder colors and patterns? Take inspiration from this Virginia home and make a statement with your window treatments. The red-and-white patterned curtains complement the room's blue accents, from the chairs and ottoman to the vibrant, textured wallpaper.

gibson home
Michael P. H. Clifford

Checkered Kitchen Valances

There's something about kitchens and checkered window treatments that just make sense. In this century-old cottage, blue-and-white patterned valances provide privacy while still letting a dose of natural light in. The charming décor element adds a modern feel to the rustic lime wash paint.

ripple fold style curtains in living room
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Ripple-Fold Curtains

Tailored ripple fold curtains are ideal for any modern living room. They get their signature S-curve shape from a series of corded carriers that run across a track. Hang them on their own or layer them over patterned curtains for a textured look, as seen in this home.

montauk home door primary bedroom
Thomas Richter of The White Arrow

Natural Shades

Opting for shades made from natural materials is an effective way to add texture to your room. The woven shades in this bedroom complement the respite's down-to-earth aesthetic and similarly hued bedding.

powder blue sofa in living room
Jacob Snavely, Courtesy of Toledo Geller

Subtle Patterns

Use your window treatments to subtly call back to other design elements in your home. In this living room, pale yellow curtains with blue accents complement the space's powder blue chaise lounge. For extra visual intrigue, the bottom half of each window has white shutters, which offer excellent light control.

Claire Flannery / Period Media

Soft Palette

Letting natural light into your kitchen works wonders when it comes to making the space feel more open. Rather than concealing the sun, gently filter it into your home with sheer window treatments. The roman shades pictured here have a soft, white-and-tan palette that provides privacy while still welcoming natural light into the space.

a classic and charming bedroom in Hill's home
Trevor Tondro

Monochromatic Curtains

Your curtains will effortlessly blend into your existing décor when you choose a hue that matches the color of your walls. Take inspiration from this space, which uses a single curtain panel to complement walls finished with burnished plaster—both of which boast a rustic taupe tone.

family living room couches
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Layered Window Treatments

Not only does having two types of curtains add extra texture to your home, but it also gives you the option to let light in and completely shut it out. An inner layer of sheer curtains is perfect for during the day to give your space an open, inviting feel, while an outer layer of blackout curtains gives you the option of extra privacy.

austin pink and gray bedroom
Lauren Logan

Boho Curtains

Decorating your teenager's room? Look to this remodel for ideas. Pink sheer curtains with blue tassels were hung to complement the bedroom's dynamic feature wall. Other design choices, like the fringe chandelier and wicker furniture drive home the room's boho-chic inspired vibe.

white living room color scheme with gold accents
Courtesy of John McClain

Symmetrical Layout

If you love symmetry and clean lines, you'll admire the window treatments in this living room. Three sheer roman shades are hung along a bay window, while two patterned curtain panels hang on opposing sides to meet in the middle when closed.

living room south carolina beach house
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Contrasting Window Treatments

You don't have to choose just one type of window treatment for your home and call it a day—feel free to mix and match as you see fit. This home makes use of curtains, blinds, and roman shades to fill the space with varying textures and colors.

gibson home tour
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Focused Color Story

If your room has a focused color story, like the sea-derived aesthetic pictured here, lean into that concept when choosing your window treatments. Sheer curtains were used to let light in, while dark green drapes complement the room's seafoam lime wash paint and linen comforter details.

tea towel curtains hanging in bright window
Dane Tashima

Tea Towel Curtain

Struggling to find a window treatment that fits a tricky space in your home? Make your own instead. Select an assortment of tea towels in a pattern you like, hem the raw edges, and stitch the sections together. Attach the finished curtain to a rod and hang it wherever you please.

rob diaz home tour bedroom with natural light
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Matching Walls

The tan fluted walls in this bedroom inspire the color palette of the window treatments—natural shades and beige linen curtains. The curtains are hung from rods so they're almost touching the ceiling, which makes the windows feel taller than they are.

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