Le Creuset's Accessory Line Is as Covetable as Its Cookware: Get the Brand's Herb Pots, Spoon Rests, Vases, and More for Under $50

These accessories will bring beauty to your kitchen during spring and beyond.

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composite of spring le creuset products
Photo: Courtesy of Le Creuset

Spring is right around the corner—and as your garden begins to bloom with beautiful colors, so too can your kitchen. Le Creuset's newest collection of accessories is inspired by the colors and motifs of the season, from gorgeous herb planters to flower-shaped spoon rests. And while the brand's latest launch will have your home in full bloom, there are other non-seasonal accessories that are noteworthy, too. From salt crocks to beautiful storage canisters, Le Creuset's offerings span well beyond its beloved cookware. But, like its signature Dutch oven, these pieces also stand the test of time.

Le Creuset Herb Planter

herb planters
Courtesy of Le Creuset

Your windowsill herbs just got an upgrade. Le Creuset's new pots are perfect for small herbs and plants. The containers come with an attached tray that collects extra water and keeps the roots moist. Each planter is crafted from quality stoneware and finished with a vibrant glaze that's chip-resistant and dishwasher-safe.

Le Creuset Flower Spoon Rest

spoon rest
Courtesy of Le Creuset

Add a touch of springtime to your kitchen with this flower-shaped spoon rest, which is available in six seasonally-inspired hues. It's perfect for holding kitchen utensils or you can even use it as a catchall for jewelry while washing dishes. The wide bowl contains messes and clutter and keeps countertops and tablecloths safe when setting down utensils.

Le Creuset Flower Petal Vase

floral petal vase
Courtesy of Le Creuset

With an elegant ruffled edge, these vases were designed to resemble a flower petal. They're the perfect size for displaying fresh blooms from your garden or even for serving sauces and dressings at the table. The dishwasher-safe vessels are available in six different springtime colors.

Le Creuset Storage Canister

storage canisters
Courtesy of Le Creuset

Available in five different sizes, these storage containers can hold everything from coffee to cereal. They come with a tight-sealing beech wood lid that allows for easy stacking. The air-tight silicone gaskets ensure food stays fresh, while the enamel finish gives the canisters a polished look. You'll want to keep them on display all the time.

Le Creuset Salt Crock

salt crock
Courtesy of Le Creuset

This unique crock has a side opening that makes salt more accessible when cooking. The stoneware blocks moisture absorption to prevent cracking and rippling, while the exterior enamel prevents stains and scratches from metal utensils.

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