10% of Us of Talk to Our Houseplants—and More Revealing Statistics From IKEA's New Home Survey

Talking to their greenery is just one way survey respondents try to make their homes more personal.

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There are a handful of ways you can make your house feel like a home, from displaying pictures of loved ones to caring for houseplants. If you identify with the latter, you likely see your plants as more than just décor—and for good reason, since the greenery has been proven to reduce anxiety, improve focus, and provide a sense of purpose. Some of us try to reap these benefits and keep our greenery happy by chatting with our plants. No, it's not silly (and you're not the only one who does it!): In fact, a recent IKEA survey found that one in 10 people talk to their houseplants—and doing so makes them feel more comfortable at home.

Over the past year, the company surveyed over 37,000 people living in homes across 37 countries. They found that more than 10 percent of subjects have spoken to their plants over the past 12 months—a statistic that rose to 25 percent when looking solely at respondents from India.

Talking to houseplants is just one way survey participants make themselves feel more at home in their space. Respondents also infuse their abodes with personality by keeping beloved possessions, from unique magnets to furniture. However, how much you care about personal possessions is largely dictated by who occupies your home, the survey found. For those living alone or with housemates, meaningful possessions they bought for themselves are especially important. But for people living with a partner or children? The people they live with matter most.

Another takeaway? One defining pain point for people living in homes is ensuring every room has a designated purpose. According to the survey results, multifunctional rooms are seen as a necessity rather than an aspiration—but many people often feel confused in these spaces. Additionally, respondents say it can be a challenge to give each room a clear purpose while balancing the needs of the other people they live with.

Despite these challenges, the survey stresses how important it is to infuse your home with personality. When we feel that our home reflects our identity, we're 1.5 times more likely to feel more more positive about it. Luckily, most respondents do feel their home adequately encompasses who they are as a person, with 62 percent of homeowners and 47 percent of renters confirming this sentiment.

"A home is an extension of one's personality; we can see their lifestyles through their ornaments, their choice of sofa, TV," one respondent said. "A person's home is something that they configure to reflect who they are."

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