11 Bachelorette Party Ideas the Bride-to-Be (and Her Entire Wedding Party) Will Love

Whether you're planning a weekend-long destination celebration or want to keep it closer to home, we have several inspired ideas to make woman of the honor feel special.

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We can all agree that a bachelorette party should make a bride-to-be feel loved and celebrated before her wedding day, but figuring out what kind of party to throw can be a challenge. Whether you're keeping the festivities small or celebrating with a big group of friends, it can be difficult to nail down plans that everyone will love.

Since the wedding countdown is on, you'll want to take one less thing off your (or your maid of honor's) to-do list before you walk down the aisle. That's why we've shared 12 of our favorite bachelorette party ideas. They'll make designing a pre-wedding party that's right for you easier—and they're all a ton of fun. Ahead, discover ideas ranging from flower arranging classes to slumber parties that will guarantee an unforgettable time with your inner circle.

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Plan a Getaway

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Hoping to plan a destination bachelorette party? It doesn't matter if you choose a nearby city or a trip abroad—this bachelorette party idea will allow you to take in new sights with your closest friends. To encourage bridal party bonding, choose lodgings that allow you to stay together. Try a chic urban hotel (rooftop pool, please!) or a charming bed and breakfast in the country—or go for an AirBnb house rental in a bachelorette party-friendly city if you have a larger group.

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Have a Slumber Party

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If you'd rather stay close to home for the bachelorette festivities, planning a slumber party with your closest friends is the way to go. Put on your favorite movies (may we suggest one of these wedding flicks?), pack a playlist with high school hits, and take in the excitement of the big-day countdown. This is also the perfect way to relax and unwind together—and gives you a great reason to lounge around in matching pajamas, of course!

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Plan a Pool Party

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If you're throwing a summer bachelorette party, take things poolside. Reserve time at a local pool—city hotels often offer day rates—or rent an Airbnb with a next-level watering hole; pack it with floats, balloons, and everything in between to host the celebration of the season.

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Pack a Picnic

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A bachelorette party is all about quality time. To make this even more of a priority, skip the fancy restaurant reservations or wine tasting tour and plan a leisurely picnic with all of the bride's favorite snacks and drinks. Be sure to really set the scene: Rent a few rugs, a low table, and poufs to ensure comfort, line the table with gauzy runners and bud vases for aesthetics, and have a few fun outdoor games (think croquet or cornhole) at the ready for a full, celebratory afternoon.

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Host a Garden Party

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Is the bride-to-be planning a garden wedding? If so, pay homage to her future nuptials by hosting her bachelorette party in a lush oasis, whether that's a friend's manicured backyard or a local botanical garden. She'll take in the beauty of verdant plants and fragrant flowers as she sips refreshing Champagne with the people who love her most. Complete the al fresco scene with lots of fresh, in-season bites—and consider enlisting a groundskeeper or local botanist to give the group a lesson in flower identification or edible plants for good measure.

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Take a Flower Arranging Class

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Speaking of flowers: If she spends her Saturday mornings chatting with the farmer markets' flower vendors and admiring their blooms, there's a good chance she'll appreciate this bachelorette party idea. Ahead of the big day, gather all her loved ones to take a flower arranging class. There's a fun wedding tie-in, too: The wedding party will have a chance to become bouquet-making professionals (but leave the big-day arrangements to the experts, please!).

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Go to a Winery

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A winery doesn't just offer stunning views—it's also a chance for the vino-loving bride to put her palate to the test. Plus, this bachelorette party idea can also help the woman of the hour decide on a few signature wines (and get advice on appropriate food pairings).

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Plan a Lake Party

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There's nothing quite like spending time in the great outdoors, so go ahead and plan a bachelorette party on one of Mother Nature's wonders—a lake. Reserve a spot at a local spot with a dock during the warm-weather season for some bachelorette fun under the sun. We love this setup, complete with a striped awning for shade, oversized balloon swags, and plenty of chic, comfortable furniture for lounging.

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Brewery Hop

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Is the bride more of a beer fan? If so, consider exploring a few craft breweries in your area to try a few flights. Bonus points if you create a score sheet so all attendees can track their favorites. The winning beer is the one she and her future spouse serve during cocktail hour—now that's what we call multitasking.

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Get Moving

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Grab your bachelorette party crew and get moving. Whether she's a fan of yoga, bike riding, or hiking, plan her pre-wedding party around the fitness activity that energizes her body and soothes her mind—which should be a top priority in the often stressful days leading up to the wedding. No matter the activity, this option is a fun way for everyone to participate and get their blood pumping.

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Go on a Road Trip

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There's one thing we know for certain: This bachelorette party idea is one of the most memorable on our list. A cross-country (or even cross-state!) road trip is best for small groups, so everyone can pile into the same car and experience every second of the journey together. Make the most of every pit stop: Explore the bride's favorite towns and landmarks, introduce her to new ones, and cherish every memory you make along the way.

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