See Kate Middleton Make Pancakes for Nursing Home Residents in This Charming Video: "I Haven't Done You Justice!"

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, the Princess of Wales made breakfast for residents of the Oxford House Nursing Home.

Kate Middleton holding flowers visiting the Oxford House Nursing Home on February 21, 2023
Photo: Karwai Tang / GETTY IMAGES

Have you ever wondered what eating breakfast with Kate Middleton would be like? Residents of the Oxford House Nursing Home recently found out. The Princess of Wales joined them for a pancake making activity to honor Shrove Tuesday, also known as Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, or Pancake Day.

During her visit, Kate shared her cooking skills with residents as she attempted to make pancakes for the crowd. Much to her amusement, the pancake got stuck to the pan, causing Kate to fumble with her spatula before giving the pancake a flip.

Kate Middleton flips a pancake as she visits the Oxford House Nursing Home

"I'm sorry," Kate said to one of the chefs helping her cook the pancakes in a video posted on Twitter. "I haven't done you justice."

Despite her pancake-making struggles, Kate told nursing home residents she planned to make the breakfast food again later that day with her children. "I either get pancakes stuck on the floor or on the ceiling, but the children are very well and we will be making our own pancakes this evening with the children," she said, according to a Twitter post.

In addition to making pancakes, the Princess of Wales also visited the nursing home to learn about the patient-focused care offered there. According to People, she was shown some of the cutting-edge technology the facility is currently using. One of its more recent additions is an interactive sensory table that Kate played a game of soccer on with one of the home's residents.

Kate even took to social media to share details about her experience at the Oxford House Nursing Home. On her shared Twitter account with Prince William, the royals posted a photo of Kate with a nursing home resident.

"109 years young…Great to meet you, Nora!" the post said. In a follow up tweet on the royals' joint account, they wrote, "And we couldn't miss the chance to celebrate #ShroveTuesday now could we?"

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