Best Friends Forever: Martha Gets Snoop Dogg's Face Tattooed on Her Arm in This Super Bowl Ad

During the Skechers commercial, Martha solidified her and Snoop's relationship with some new ink.

Martha Stewart being tattooed with Snoop Dogg's face for a Superbowl 2023 commercial
Photo: Courtesy of Skechers

From partnering in business to sharing career advice, Martha and Snoop Dogg are a close-knit duo. But recently, our founder took their friendship one step further by getting a tattoo of the rapper on her arm in a recent commercial for Skechers.

The commercial, which advertised the athletic shoe brand's new hands free sneakers, aired on Sunday during Super Bowl LVII. In the clip, Martha demonstrates how easy it is to step in to the shoes while doing various tasks, like carrying flowers and even tumbling at a gymnastics competition.

But the real highlight of the commercial is Martha getting a tattoo on her shoulder of Snoop Dogg's face; the words "My Dogg" are written below the portrait. "Oooo—that's gangsta," Martha says when the design is complete.

Before the commercial aired, Martha teased the clip on her Instagram page by posting a photo of her getting inked. "My Dogg! Thanks for the amazing tattoo @scottcampbell," she wrote in the post. "Forever linked in ink to my favorite @snoopdogg." Some of her followers even commented on the photo asking if her new artwork is real (it isn't!).

Scott Campbell, the tattoo artist featured in the commercial even played along by posting the photo on his own social media account. "I got to tattoo a legend onto a legend. Thanks @marthastewart48 and @snoopdogg. I can retire now," he wrote.

This isn't the only Super Bowl commercial Martha and Snoop were featured in. The dynamic duo appeared in a second advertisement for Skechers, during which Martha served as Snoop's presidential advisor. At the end of the clip, Snoop puts his feet on the oval office desk and leans back to relax—but Martha can't let that stand. "Get your feet off the desk," she says just before the clip ends.

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