6 Furniture Trends That Will Make You Want to Redecorate in 2023, According to Interior Designers

Here's how to trial these popular textures, shapes, and materials in your own home.

From small accent chairs nestled into cozy bedroom nooks to oversized sofas that make a grand statement, new furniture can instantly re-energize your home—or help you keep your interior fresh on a budget. Whether you are toying with the idea of a new piece or are all-in on redecorating in 2023, take note of the best furniture trends of the year before you start shopping.

living room full view
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Modern scandi interior design of living room with design rattan armchair, gray sofa, coffee table, beige macrame, plants and elegant accessories.

Curved Sofas, Chairs, and Tables

When asked about the future of furniture in 2023, every interior design expert we spoke to agreed that curved pieces are dominating. This is a nod to both the re-emergence of '60s and '70s influence and an uptick in the organic shapes making their way into our homes. "From the resurgence of fully curved sofas to more subtle details like rounded or sloped chair arms, chair backs, and tables, rounded shapes soften a space and create flow," says Christine Kobervig Munger, an interior design expert and the vice president of merchandising at Fernish. "Curved shapes are also very versatile, because precise dimensions are less important than scale."

The simplest way to incorporate this trend into your space is with a coffee or accent table. If you are feeling more adventurous, swap your coffee table for a beautiful bench with curved lines. Another option is a curved accent chair—or, if your space allows, consider a large-scale sofa that anchors a gathering space.

Wall mock up in Scandi-boho home interior with retro brown leather furniture

Brown Tones

Along with mid-century-inspired curved furniture, the brown tones of this period are also poised to make a major comeback in 2023. This natural color—particularly its darker varieties—creates a sense of earthy stability, says Claire Druga, an interior designer based in New York City. Classic Chesterfield or modern modular sofas in rich mocha are particularly hot right now. "[These pieces] anchor a space with depth and presence and have a very neutral, calming effect," says Druga.

You can also choose pieces that skew more masculine or glam depending on your preferred aesthetic—but keep balance in mind. "I would incorporate a dark brown sofa into a space that needs more earth tones to balance out light wood tones or other white or light pieces," says Druga.

Dining room with glass table and chairs

Glass Tables and Lamps

Glass details infuse a sense of timeless, polished sophistication to a space. From furniture made predominantly from glass—like large dining tables—to smaller accents, such as lamps and side tables, glass is a texture you'll see everywhere this year. "Glass furniture helps give a space an upscale and sophisticated feel," says Brittany Farinas, the CEO and creative director of House of One. "It's versatile and pairs well with a variety of finishes, making it highly desirable."

To trial the trend, start with small details, such as a table lamp or nightstand. And for a playful touch? Consider colored glass—or a piece with metallic flair.

colorful blue pink and orange living room in pittsburgh house
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Layered, Indulgent Textures

In contrast to sleek, modern glass, eye-catching textural fabrics are also making a splash in 2023. "Bouclé has been buzzy for a while—and I think the trend still has legs—but we are seeing variations on these exaggerated, textured fabrics everywhere," says Munger. "It could be in the form of extra-long shag rugs or very chunky knits and weaves, but more is more right now. You just can't layer enough."

These textiles offer visual interest while adding warmth, Munger says. And while these types of fabrics have historically been luxe and delicate, today's production methods and materials make them more accessible and durable. "If you are in the market for a new sofa or upholstered chair, consider a lush velvet or a performance fabric that mimics a mohair or felt," Munger says. "Layer on accent pillows in a contrasting texture. Look for chunky yarns, tufting, or fringe."

Pastel room with pink and red bed and decor, mirror, plants

Danish Pastels

While earthy brown color palettes are certainly trending, they're not necessarily the vibe for everyone. In that case, perhaps swaths of Danish pastels are more your speed. For instance, try scalloped mirrors with fluting in a rainbow of pastels or ceruse-treated sideboards with soft-hued accessories on top. This trends results in furniture that is serene, happy, and soft. "Playfulness and youthfulness have been emerging since the flashy Barbiecore and Dopamine Decorating trends, which has since evolved into a softer aesthetic," says Druga.

Fluted, flowing edges will also become more common console tables and media cabinets; soft, oversized tufted seating will also evoke this pastel Danish trend.

Patterned carpet in decorative living room interior with painting above couch.

Flashy Details

We've collectively spent the last few years focused on neutral color palettes and minimalist décor—but maximalism is finally getting the recognition it deserves. "I'm seeing people have more fun with mixing styles and colors or adding a splash of something very unexpected and eclectic to a room. It could be an over-the-top pillow pattern or an unusual, oversized art piece," says Munger. "Adding these fun twists echoes a reemerging appetite for adventure and fun."

Start small with a pillow or throw in a bold pattern, bright color, or luxe texture. From there, work your way up to a piece of art or a rug. As for the best places to find these funky details? Try second-hand stores and antique fairs. A thrifted art piece can be re-framed, a cool object can be spray painted matte black, and vintage textiles can be repurposed into a pouf or pillow—there are so many ways to sample this trend affordably, while making it your own.

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