From cooking to cleaning, our founder shows you how to use the spirit without drinking it.
martha with cocktails
Credit: Noe Dewitt

With the new year comes many newfound goals, from eating more fruits and vegetables to starting a new hobby. And one objective many people participate in during the start of the year is eliminating their alcohol intake. Coined 'Dry January' the annual practice is when people choose to stop drinking alcohol for the first 31 days of the year.

But with the holiday season just barely in the rearview, you likely have a handful of spirits leftover. Instead of tossing them, our founder is sharing a few innovative ways to put alcohol—specifically vodka—to use without drinking it. In a new partnership with Tito's Handmade Vodka, Martha shared her secrets for cooking, cleaning, and even gardening with vodka.

"Hey, I get it, it's dry January, so you aren't drinking much. But if you've got Tito's lying around, don't just stare at it, use it," Martha says in the advertisement.

In the clip, Martha shows how you can use vodka to complete common household tasks. With a bottle of Titos's equipped with a spray attachment, she uses the alcohol to remove odors from a pair of boots and sanitize other areas of her home.

For cooking, she recommends pouring a generous amount of the spirit into pasta sauce for a "little extra kick." Or use it as a tenderizer for meat, which Martha comically does by slamming a handle of Tito's onto a piece of steak. "Nothing tenderizes your favorite meat like Tito's," she says.

Are your flowers in need of a pick-me-up? Vodka can help with that, too. "Keep your flowers in bloom with a splash of that vodka you can't drink," Martha says, pouring the spirit into a vase of flowers. "Smells like February."

While these are all Martha-approved ways to participate in dry January, she wraps up the video with a martini in hand. "Martha needs a drink," she says.


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