8 Dutch Baby Pancake Recipes for an Extra-Special Breakfast or Brunch

Closer to a popover or a Yorkshire pudding than a typical flapjack, these oven-baked treats are the best start to the day.

classic dutch baby topped with berries and cream
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You might already be a fan of the crisp, custardy, puffy delights of a Dutch baby pancake, or you might be utterly surprised that a "pancake" recipe would call for oven time. Either way, this family hit and party classic never fails to impress eaters (and Instagrammers!) with its huge, bubbly rise and golden color—and with very few ingredients and no flipping, Dutch baby pancakes are shockingly easy to make.

In reality, the Dutch baby is less like a pancake and a lot more like a large version of a Yorkshire pudding or a popover. Baked in the oven in a cast iron skillet, this breakfast hero is equally appealing in both savory and sweet incarnations, which means you can decorate it with everything from apple slices to ham and chives. Just be camera ready when this puffy dish comes steaming out of the oven—it can deflate quickly!

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Martha's Dutch Baby Pancake

Martha's Dutch baby recipe calls for the usual flour, milk, eggs, and salt, plus the fragrant and slightly spicy addition of nutmeg. You don't need to blend the mix or use clarified butter (which is often the standard) in this old-fashioned, delicious recipe, which is best served with jelly, jam, or marmalade.

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Classic Dutch Baby

This super-smooth, blended Dutch baby calls on vanilla extract for extra flavor; be sure to preheat your skillet until it's piping-hot before you add the batter. Yogurt, fresh fruit, whipped cream, and warm maple syrup complement this dish's golden crust.

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Dutch Baby with Ham and Chives

If you thought Dutch babies were just for breakfast lovers with a sweet tooth, think again. Add fresh chives to the batter and top with thinly-sliced quality ham and Dijon mustard before serving for a savory take.

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Apple-Cardamom Brown-Butter Dutch Baby

Coat your skillet with brown butter and lay down a single layer of apples before adding your batter—that's the magic formula for a crispy bottom and an apple-forward delight. Sprinkle the top with cardamom sugar and serve with sour cream (plus the remaining sugar).

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Dutch Baby with Apples and Honey

Top this Dutch baby with a Granny Smith apple, sugar, and cinnamon mixture. Serve it with honey or syrup for a sweet Rosh Hashanah brunch.

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Dutch Baby with Smoked Salmon and Capers

A classic Dutch baby with only the savory elements is an ideal base for succulent smoked salmon, tangy sour cream, and salty capers.

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Dutch Baby Pancake with Apples

Another twist on an apple Dutch baby, this recipe turns the pancake into an apple upside-down cake. Slide it out of the skillet and onto a round serving platter, apple side up. This tasty version shines with honey, (more) apples, and butter.

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Chocolate Dutch Baby

A dessert rendition of the Dutch baby, this recipe sweetens the pot with cocoa powder, vanilla, and granulated sugar; powdered sugar is dusted on top.

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