Paintbox Single Nail Lacquer in Like Camel
Credit: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

These Are the 10 Best Long-Lasting Nail Polishes, According to Experts

These chip-free lacquers were made to go the distance.
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In our busy world, finding time for self-care can sometimes feel impossible, so when you are able to carve out an hour for a manicure, you want to be sure that it lasts. While there are certainly nail polish options out there that guarantee longevity—like gel or acrylic—sometimes, you just want a straightforward polish that won't chip after a day. To help you and your hands, we asked nail artists and manicurists to share the best long-lasting nail polishes at varying price points so that you can achieve your best manicure yet.

Shopping off this expert-approved list is your best bet, since navigating the beauty aisle can be confusing. You'll find that many companies claim their products are long-lasting, but determining if this is really true can be tricky for the average consumer, explains Miss Pop Nails, a celebrity and editorial nail artist. "Long-wear polishes often are advertised as such, but then again, so are all nail polishes. Also, the use of the word 'gel' is nearly meaningless," she says. "The key to knowing if something is truly a gel is if you need to cure it under an LED light. If you're not curing it, it's a nail polish."

To take some of the guesswork out of long-wear lacquer, take a look at our experts' top long-lasting recommendations, below.

The Best Long-Lasting Nail Polishes

OPI Infinite Shine Longwear Nail Polish Base Coat & Top Coat Duo
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

Best Overall: OPI Infinite Shine Longwear Nail Polish Base Coat & Top Coat Duo


"I am obsessed with OPI Infinite Shine," says Miss Pop Nails, adding that she regularly turns to this line—and as someone who works with her hands, she knows it goes the distances. Better yet, the shades are the same as their classic lacquer, so making the switch is easy. "The colors are highly pigmented, so I feel like I get great coverage even with one coat, but I add two for wear," she says. "The key is to also use the system's base and top-coat [pictured here] to get the best results."

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Duo
Credit: Courtesy of Nordstrom

Best Gel-Like: Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Duo


Another one of Miss Pop Nail's favorite lines is Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab, which creates the look and feel of a gel manicure sans the curing process. "I'm a big fan of the base and top coat duo that turn any nail lacquer into long wear," she says. "There are also shades under the Gel Lab label, but again, they are not light-curing gel, so they are truly lacquer."

Chanel Nail Polish in Perle Blanche
Credit: Courtesy of Chanel

Best Splurge: Chanel Nail Polish in Perle Blanche


Searching for a neutral nail color with subtle shine? Opt for Chanel's Perle Blanche hue, says manicurist and nail expert Aja Walton. "It's not your average white pearl shade!" she says. "It has a duo-chrome pink shift that's a gorgeous beach vacation nail color for both fingers and toes."

Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish in Brand New Day
Credit: Courtesy of Macy's

Best Nude: Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish in Brand New Day


Walton is also a fan of Deborah Lippmann's Gel Lab Pro, line, but calls out one shade in particular: "This beige color has eliminated any pink or white tones. It's the sheerest nude I own that lasts for weeks," she says.

Essie Sheer Silhouette Gel Couture Nail Polish in Corset
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Best Universal Sheer: Essie "Sheer Silhouette" Gel Couture Nail Polish in Corset


If you regularly paint your nails, you likely know how difficult identifying the perfect sheer nude truly is. It's even more challenging to find a barely-there neutral that works across all skin tones. Enter this shade from Essie, which is as long-lasting as it is universal. "This is a sheer tan nude that is universally flattering, a staple in my collection, and the most requested for editorial manicures," Walton says.

Jin Soon Quintessential Nail Lacquer in Nostalgia
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Color Selection: Jin Soon Quintessential Nail Lacquer in Nostalgia


According to Miss Pop Nails, Jin Soon's lacquers go the distance—but the line's broad color range might make you want to change up your manicure before your current one chips. "Jin Soon is good quality, has a lovely bottle brush, and has fabulous, trendy colors," she says. We're particularly partial to this nude-meets-blush shade, which won't show cracks as easily as darker formulas.

Zoya Naked Manicure Nail Polish Kit
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Environmentally-Friendly: Zoya "Naked Manicure" Nail Polish Kit


Zoya Naked Manicure is the no make-up, make-up look for your nails. "It's a sheer tint that strengthens, shines, and brings out the natural blush tones of your nail bed," Miss Pop Nails says. "If you're someone who loves a sheer nude, a buff to a shine, or even just a clear coat, this could be your new and improved go-to. I use the Pink and Buff perfector on set all the time."

Zoya also has great products and a sustainable ethos to match. "They are very earth and health-conscious, in their polish and in their packaging," she says. "Plus you can choose a wide, cuticle-hugging brush or a slim, nail art-friendly bottle brush, depending on your preference."

Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Suburban Warrior
Credit: Courtesy of Dermstore

Best Packaging: Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Suburban Warrior


Smith & Cult's offerings are as sleek as they are long-lasting. And while the color you choose won't necessarily affect how long a manicure lasts, Miss Pop Nails likes the brand's Suburban Warrior hue—and its packaging. "I just love the bottle. It's so chic," she says. "It's prettier than most fragrance bottles!"

Color Club Nail Polish in Harp On It
Credit: Courtesy of Color Club

Best Pigmented Option: Color Club Nail Polish in Harp On It


Need a formula that's extremely pigmented (which translates to better wear and durability) and also out-of-this-world? Miss Pop Nails recommends Color Club's holographic silver formula, Harp On It. "The polish is highly pigmented, which is perfect for getting coverage when you're pressed for time," she says.

Paintbox Single Nail Lacquer in Like Camel
Credit: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Best Ingredients: Paintbox Single Nail Lacquer in Like Camel


A long-lasting lacquer doesn't have to be chemical-filled. "Our polishes are all 10-free and toxic-free while still maintaining its lasting power," says Mabelyn Martin, creative director of Paintbox. "Applied onto a well-prepped nail and with daily use of cuticle oil, this polish lasts a solid week."