The 15 Most Pet-Friendly Airlines of 2022, According to a New Study

Whether flying domestically or abroad, these planes can take you and your pet along for the ride.

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It's that time of year! The holiday season is officially in full swing, and that usually means booking flights to travel and see loved ones. If you want to bring the entire family along for the trip, including your pets, finding the best airlines to accommodate everyone is your top priority.

To help you plan out your travels with your cat or dog in tow, Airport Parking Reservations ranked the best pet-friendly airlines around the world. The blog used a few key factors in its methodology: the best ticket prices, the amount of species allowed, sum of the largest carrier, and the number of pets allowed per customer.

Turkish Airlines landed the top spot with a 7.13 rank out of 10. Its lowest pet ticket price rang up at just $8.15 (the highest being $24.46). However, if you have a large pet, it might be less than ideal: This airline flies cats, dogs, ferrets, and small singing birds in 23 by 30 by 40 centimeter carriers, so bigger animals will have to fly in cargo.

All Nippon Airways (5.87 out of 10 ranking) came in at number two, thanks to its capacity to carry the largest animals out of all other major airlines with a sum of 292 centimeter dimensions. Pet parents can bring bring only one animal on the flight, however, up to nine animals can travel in cargo across China, Korea, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Western Europe, and all of Japan. The pet ticket prices are steeper on these flights, as $50 is the minimum and they can reach up $400 per animal.

To round out the top three, Spirit Airlines boasts a pet travel score of 5.63 out of 10. Its average price is $125 per pet, regardless of size. Depending on the space aboard the flight, you can bring two of your pets in the cabin with you. Otherwise, Spirit allows four types of species for plane travel: cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds. The airline flies domestically and abroad: You can travel to 77 destinations across the United States, Latin America, and Caribbean.

Find the complete list of the 15 best airlines to travel with your pets here:

The Best Airlines for Pet-Friendly Travel

  1. Turkish Airlines
  2. All Nippon Airways
  3. Spirit Airlines
  4. Sichuan Airlines
  5. Japan Airlines
  6. China Eastern Airlines
  7. Emirates
  8. Air China
  9. Alaska Airlines
  10. Southwest Airlines
  11. JetBlue Airways
  12. Hainan Airlines
  13. Delta Air Lines
  14. China Southern Airlines
  15. American Airlines
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