Martha Reveals Her Celebrity Crush Is Brad Pitt: "I Just Think He's So Cute"

On The Tonight Show, Martha also shared the Thanksgiving side you should skip and told host Jimmy Fallon all about her recent visit to a Kardashian's home.

Author Martha Stewart during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Internet is constantly interested in our founder's dating life. While many of her fans have been hoping that she'd spring for a potential date with comedian Pete Davidson, it seems as though Martha has a different big-name celebrity in mind.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon, Martha shared that her celebrity crush is none other than Brad Pitt. "I've been sort of fascinated with this very handsome young boy on Instagram," she said. "It's called 'Brad Pitt Fan Club.' And I just sort of melt when I look at those pictures, I mean he is so cute."

Our founder went on to tell Fallon that he should check out the fan pages for himself. "Whatever it is, he looks better and better as the years go by," Martha said. "I love that you love Brad Pitt," Fallon responded.

While our founder has yet to have a run-in with her celebrity crush, there are plenty of other A-listers the lifestyle mogul is close with. In fact, Martha was recently invited to take a grand tour of a Kardashian's home. "What was it like at the Kardashians?" Fallon asked.

"Oh, fabulous," Martha said. "They live sort of in a compound and they have very nice houses—many rooms." She did a bit of exploring during her visit, too: "I got to go into every closet, every refrigerator," she laughed.

Hanging out with Hollywood's elite aside, our founder is best known for being an incredible cook and entertainer. "You're very nice to come on our show every holiday, every Thanksgiving," Fallon said. "Are you hosting a big party?" Martha shared that this year, she's organizing an intimate holiday celebration for a few loved ones who have nowhere else to go, instead.

One thing our founder won't be serving at her small gathering? String beans—which is the most overrated side dish, she told Fallon. "I just don't think they go with Thanksgiving," she said, noting that she especially doesn't like their common toppings, like almonds and fried onions. "I don't even have a recipe for string beans," Martha joked (but, she's Martha, so of course she does).

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