6 Popular Christmas Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Year, According to Etsy

From enchanted forest decorations to après ski style, you'll want to try all of these holiday aesthetics and gift ideas.

White and spacious domestic living room decorated with Christmas fir tree and pastel holiday decor.

Thanksgiving is next week—and that means that Christmas is right around the corner. But before you get a jump start on buying presents or new décor for your home, brush up on this year's holiday trend forecast. To help you get a head start, Etsy recently revealed its Christmas trend report for 2022.

Etsy's Holiday Trend Report 2022

From mood-boosting hues to après ski style, these are the holiday aesthetics the online marketplace predicts will be everywhere this year.

Merry and Bright Decorations

An alternative to the deep greens and reds we typically see during the holiday season, this trend prioritizes bright colors. According to the report, Etsy has seen a 346% increase in searchers for disco ball décor, an 86% increase in searches for vibrant wall art, a 34% increase in searches for hot pink fashion items, and a 24% increase in searches for colorful wreaths.

"This playful and mood-boosting holiday aesthetic represents a fresh start, reminding us to celebrate in ways that bring us happiness, and to spread cheer well beyond the new year," says Etsy trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson.

Enchanted Forest Décor

Who wouldn't want to roam around an enchanted forest come Christmastime? This trend is all about connecting with the natural world—which is why wild and foraged-inspired foliage taking centerstage. To replicate this fantasy-meets-reality aesthetic, combine rich tones like emerald green and midnight blue with shimmery touches.

"On Etsy, we've seen a 118% increase in searches for nature-inspired home decor, a 37% increase in searches for enchanted forest-inspired decor, and an 18% increase in searches for luna moth items," confirms Johnson.

Après Ski Style

Spending time on the slopes is a favorite winter pastime for many, and this year its an aesthetic everyone can embrace—even non-skiers and snowboarders. The report notes that Etsy has seen a 183% increase in searches for knit balaclavas, a 163% increase in searches for puffer bags, a 16% increase in searches for retro or vintage ski jackets, and a 13% increase in searches for ski gear.

"Much like summer's coastal grandma craze, the appeal of this alpine aesthetic is all about the lifestyle it evokes: More than just chunky knits and sporty jackets, après ski is a feeling," Johnson says.

Pearlcore Presents

Pearls are beloved for their timeless beauty, and this year that classic look is being implemented into holiday décor and gift giving. With a 44% increase in searches for pearl shoes and pearl bags or purses, this a trend Etsy expects to be big this year.

"And the fascination extends beyond jewelry and accessories—pearly, iridescent accents add an ethereal elegance to festive décor," Johnson says. "Unsurprisingly, oyster motifs are also showing up everywhere as of late—an extension of this summer's coastal and 'crustaceancore' obsession."

"Kitchen Kitsch" on Gift Lists

Retro kitchen accessories are making a major comeback. Etsy has seen an 85% increase in searches for vintage mixing bowls, a 26% increase in searches for retro décor, and a 14% increase in searches for vintage pyrex. "Sustainable and stylish, vintage home pieces add a healthy dose of personality to your space," Johnson says.

To achieve the trend in your own home, turn to old-school cookie jars, uniquely patterned mugs, and tea towels—or put a few vintage or antique-inspired pieces on your wish list.

New Age, Meditative Rituals

Christmas is known for being stressful—but it doesn't have to be. This trend focuses on astrology, meditation, manifestations, and affirmations to make the fast-paced season a time of healing and introspection.

"On Etsy, there has been a 338% increase in searches for aura art, a 90% increase in searches for affirmation items, a 27% increase in searches for angel number items, and a 16% increase in searches for tarot-inspired necklaces," Johnson says.

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