12 Statement Candles That Are Too Pretty to Light

Just wait until you see the option that looks exactly like a freshly-baked baguette.

GreenTree Home Handmade Beeswax House & Pinecone Candles
Photo: Courtesy of FOOD52

You don't have to remodel or completely re-design a room to shift its mood—ultimately, there are a myriad of budget-friendly ways to do just that. Opting for small, subtle changes or additions (think switching the position of your accent chairs or layering a small rug over the large one that currently defines the space) can be extremely impactful. Placing a statement candle on a coffee table or shelf is another example—and it's also a way to take advantage of a trending category of home design.

According to Rachel Larraine, a holistic interior designer and the founder of Tiger Veil, statement candles double as decorative objects and are usually so beautiful, you'll have a hard time lighting their wicks. They come in various designs, sizes, and colorways—and have grown in popularity because they offer effortless, approachable whimsy to a space. "They lighten the mood both figuratively and literally," Larraine says. "The novelty of a statement candle brings happiness to a space that typical accessories don't—and when you get tired of it, you can always burn it."

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What to Look For in a Statement Candle

Pop of Color

We should always strive to find additional layers of texture and build visual interest in our homes, says Jung Lee, an event architect and the founder of Fête, Jung Lee NY, and Slowdance. However, putting up new wallpaper, painting a wall, or adding other structural elements can be expensive; they also require a major commitment to a color or pattern. That's where this trend comes in—and it's also why it's best to choose statement candles in bold hues and shapes (they deliver a big color payoff with a minor investment). "They offer a pop of color and give you the ability to alter the ambience without committing to an aesthetic change," she says.


When it comes to statement candles, don't be afraid to go big: An enormous, oversized candle can stand alone as a focal point on a surface, says Pam Goodwin, the principal designer at PGHD.

Fun, Art-Inspired Shapes

Over the past few years, the décor in our spaces has been more fluid and fun—we all want softer lines, rounder shapes, and gentler light, says Ana Maria Torres, Ph.D., the founder and principal of at architects. Statement candles, which come in intriguing knots, squiggles, and balls, plus lifelike options (like small-scale houses and eggs!), are the perfect way to achieve this levity in our homes, notes Torres. "Among the endless possibilities this new trend is handing us, we can also treat the candle like an art object—and we can have some fun choosing them."

Where and How to Use Statement Candles

Accessorize Your Bookshelves

You can also hop on the statement candle trend by thinking of them as a way to accessorize your background spaces, like bookshelves. Try adding these candles to existing vignettes of stones, shells, and metal pieces, which all "add interest to a stack of books," says Goodwin. "Cluster similar candles of different shapes and sizes to balance the scale of those other decorative objects," she adds.

Place Them in Pairs

When using statement candles, more is more, says Jung. "It's great to pair a few of them together in a group to really make an impact," she says. "I love to add candles that are different but complementary in color. It's a great way to add some dimension to your home."

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YUI Brooklyn Lemon Shaped Candle

YUI Brooklyn Lemon Shaped Candle
Courtesy of Madewell

Is it a lemon or a candle? Your guests will be confused—and dazzled—by the very lifelike citrus. Place it in your kitchen or dining room with maximum exposure, or let it rest with actual lemons for a real mind-bender.

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Gohar Baguette Candle

Baguette candle
Courtesy of Gohar

If you consider yourself a "carbivore," there's nothing you look forward to more than the first bite of a freshly-baked loaf. Illustrate your love for bread with this amazing baguette candle that looks like the real deal. Might we suggest this as the ideal addition to a cookbook display?

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Urban Outfitters Geo Shaped Wax Candle

Urban Outfitters Geo Shaped Wax Candle
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Bold and chunky, this tiered geometric block candle is the perfect addition to a masculine study or statement library shelf.

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Trudon Marie-Antoinette Bust Candle

Trudon Marie-Antoinette Bust Candle, Pink
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

For a splurge-worthy design piece, you can't get much more statement-making than a replica of Marie Antoinette. Lavish, luxurious, and prominent, set this impressive bust on your bookshelf or behind you in your office for a conversation starter during Zoom calls.

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House of Nomad Mint Ripples Stick Candle

House of Nomad Mint Ripples Stick Candle
Courtesy of House of Nomad

Simple and alluring, this mint-colored stick candle adds dimension and style to your kitchen, dining room, or living area. Use a candle stick holder of your choice—maybe a natural wood or white to keep up with the Scandinavian vibe—and enjoy the sweet squiggles.

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GreenTree Home Handmade Beeswax House & Pinecone Candles

GreenTree Home Handmade Beeswax House & Pinecone Candles
Courtesy of FOOD52

For a kitschy approach to the statement candle trend, these beeswax candles are shaped like the nordic homes you'd find in Denmark, Finland, or Sweden.

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CANDLE BY THE HOUR 60 Hour Natural Candle

CANDLE BY THE HOUR 60 Hour Natural Candle
Courtesy of Macy's

Here's the thing: When we talk about statement candles, we're typically referring to options that you wouldn't burn (some things are just for show!). That's okay for some—but if you're the type who wants to try this trend and also use the candle in question, you can find options that work for you. Consider this candle by the hour: Made of natural beeswax, it burns 20 minutes per inch before it self-extinguishes. And if you think it's too beautiful to burn? That's fine by us.

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55 Celsius Honey Knot

Knot Candle - Honey
Courtesy of 54 Celsius

Available in a variety of colors, from royal blue and hot pink to muted honey and classic black, this knotted candlestick pair is eye-catching. Nestle it in your bookcase, arrange it in the guest bathroom, or place this art piece in your office to add height and dimension.

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Stick Candles Maple Stick Candles

Maple Stick Candle
Courtesy of Stick Candles

If you don't live in a log cabin, but still want to achieve the same level of comfort, try these maple stick candles, which ooze woodland charm. Pair them with white candlestick holders for a soft touch, or choose silver for a stronger approach.

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Woodland Shaped Wax Candle

Woodland Shaped Wax Candle
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Clever, cute, and gorgeous, these woodland deer-shaped candles are a welcome seasonal addition to your home. Place these on a high shelf in a nursery or tucked away in a reading nook where they bring your imagination to life.

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Ann Vincent Tan Piu Candle Set

ANN VINCENT Tan Piu Candle Set
Courtesy of SSENSE

Since the statement candle trend is all about layering, this starter set is an easy way to test out the aesthetic. Complete with three candles of various sizes and designs, you can mix and match these options to find the trio best for you.

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Scandles Egg Candle 6-Pack Box

Courtesy of Scandles

These impossibly-perfect egg-shaped candles will have guests grinning by the dozen. You can't crack these open for breakfast, but you can proudly display them in the window sill above your kitchen sink for a sweet view every time you wash the dishes.

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