What's for Dinner This Week: Beef-and-Broccoli Stir-Fry, Breakfast-for-Dinner Burritos, and Pasta with Butternut Squash

Get ready for a week of (almost) oven-free meals.

what's for dinner menu 11.11.22

Wondering what to make for dinner? Need some inspiration? Here's our list of suggestions: dinner recipes that take less than an hour of mostly hands-off time. Yes, there will be pasta (or noodles!) and, yes, it will be delicious. We'll be here every Friday with five weeknight dinners, including recipes, shopping lists, and everything you need to streamline your week ahead.

Last week, our dinner recipes were all about making use of the oven—a reminder to mix things up in terms of how you cook dinner, as well as what you cook. This week, we're (almost) oven-free, relying instead on the stovetop to make all of our quick dinners. Get ready to stir fry, sear, braise, and sauté your way to a week's worth of fast, delicious meals.

What to Buy

The produce and fresh ingredients you need to buy for your meals this week:

what's for dinner shopping list 11.11.22
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Orecchiette with Butternut Squash and Sage

orecchiette with butternut squash and sage recipe WFD

One of our favorite pasta shapes, orecchiette, is paired with cubes of butternut squash in this easy vegetarian meal that's on the table in 40 minutes. Fried sage leaves give the dish a delicious touch, but take mere minutes to make. Ditto on roasting the squash seeds and using them as a garnish. A finishing touch of creamy ricotta elevates this simple supper.

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Beef and Broccoli with Black-Bean Garlic Sauce

beef and broccoli with black-bean garlic sauce recipe WFD

Fast and delicious, this stir-fry takes just 30 minutes to make. The secret weapon ingredient that makes it next-level is black-bean garlic sauce, a super-savory Chinese condiment made with fermented black beans, garlic, and chilis.

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Seared Salmon and Greens

seared salmon and greens recipe WFD

Tonight, we're going for healthy and delicious with brown rice (start that first for maximum efficiency, or make it ahead), garlicky bok choy, and salmon with a no-cook soy, lime, and ginger sauce.

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Breakfast-for-Dinner Burritos

breakfast-for-dinner burritos recipe WFD

Bacon, potatoes, eggs, cheese, and hominy are packed up in this hearty handheld dinner. It's a crowd pleasing one-pan meal that takes 40 minutes to make.

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Braised Chicken with Potatoes, Olives, and Lemon

braised chicken with lemon and potatoes recipe WFD

Minimal prep and maximum flavor is on the menu for dinner tonight. Our one-pan chicken dinner starts with thighs and potatoes cooking in stock in a cast-iron skillet on the stovetop. Then the dish finishes in the oven (the only time you'll turn it on this week!). Add garlic, olives, and lemon to the cooking liquid and it turns into a pan sauce.

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