Martha's Secret to Successful Aging? Her Friendship With Snoop Dogg

During a recent segment of the Today Show, our founder shared her Thanksgiving plans, details about a party she's currently planning, and all of the things she's learned from Snoop Dogg.

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One of Martha's favorite holidays is Thanksgiving—it's a time to gather, eat a delicious home-cooked meal, and reflect on what you're thankful for. But for some, turkey day is just a blip on the radar as we make our way to Christmas. On a recent segment of the Today Show, our founder shared why she thinks we should all take the time to celebrate November's biggest holiday.

"I think we need Thanksgiving, I really do," she said. "I think it's sort of an uplifting, remembering of good times past." At Martha's holiday table, she typically reflects on said good times with a group of family and friends. "Sometimes it's very large groups, sometimes it's very small."

This Thanksgiving, Martha's daughter and grandchildren are taking a trip to Puerto Rico, so our founder's celebration will likely be a small one. "I still don't have specific plans," Martha said. When asked if she'd ever go out to eat for the holiday, Martha responded with a resounding "never." The reason? She enjoys the day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches way too much.

Although Martha doesn't have big Thanksgiving Day plans, the multi-hyphenate does have a milestone celebration in the works. Next spring, she'll be commemorating the 40th anniversary of her first book, Entertaining, which was published in 1982. The tome includes everything you need to know about hosting parties, and also features beautiful recipes suitable for entertaining.

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"When I published that book, we had the most fantastic publishing party," Martha said. "We had all the people who had worked, and many of my friends cooking on my property, and we invited everyone—the press—and it was such a delightful party, so I want to kind of recreate that."

On the VIP list? Martha's best friend Snoop Dogg. "He comes to every party," she said. Although the two became close confidants and business partners later into Martha's career, our founder believes that constantly welcoming new people into your life is the key to continued growth—and the secret to "successful aging," she explained.

"Change is good," she said. "And also learning from people—I've learned so much from Snoop Dogg." According to our founder, the famous rapper has taught her a lot about music and how to do business in a different way. "We have really, I think, helped each other," she said. "And that's another thing: You learn from old friends and you learn from new friends, and I've learned a lot from Snoop."

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