The Best Oils to Use for Glowing Skin at Every Age, According to Dermatologists

Add one of these skin-nourishing products to your routine to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

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When you think of anti-aging skin care products, a few types quickly come to mind—namely, serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen. While these three formulations can work wonders on mature skin, one essential category often gets overlooked: oils.

"Oils help to seal in moisture by preventing water loss from the skin, helping to improve the barrier function," says Britt Craiglow, MD, FAAD, a double board-certified dermatologist. This is especially important considering how our moisture barrier weakens over time. In addition to their strengthening abilities, many oils also contain ingredients with specific preventative aging properties, making them a must-have for people looking to soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Whatever your skin concerns are, there is likely an oil out there for you. Options range from traditionally wet oils that leave a noticeable dewiness in their wake to fast-absorbing dry types that are beneficial for those with oily, combination, or sensitive skin.

How to Choose a Face Oil

Given the many oils that do exist, it's important to keep your skin type at top of mind when selecting a product—especially if you're reactive. "People with sensitive skin need to be particularly cautious when trying a face oil, as many contain plant-based ingredients that can cause irritation or an allergic reaction," Dr. Craiglow says.

Start by patch testing on another area of your body. "We often recommend trying a small amount on the inner forearm for several days before applying to the face," Dr. Craiglow says. When you do begin using them on your face, it's best to start with just one to three drops. In the morning, apply the oil after your serum and before your SPF. At night, use these products post-moisturizer to help seal everything in.

The Best Facial Oils on the Market

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Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Face Oil

drunk elephant facial oil
Courtesy of Sephora

Formulated from 100% pure marula oil, this option from Drunk Elephant is a dermatologist favorite. "It's made without added fragrance or other potentially irritating ingredients, and it absorbs quickly and provides excellent hydration," Dr. Craiglow says.

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MARA Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil

mara face oil
Courtesy of Credo Beauty

Jam-packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients, and essential fatty acids, this algae and moringa option is a hydrating hero for all skin types. Its omega-rich formula also works to restore a bouncy complexion.

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Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil

algenist anti-aging oil
Courtesy of Amazon

This facial oil is formulated with hydrating ceramides, firming micro-algae oil, brown algae extract, and free radical-fighting rosemary extract and sunflower seed oil. The top-rated product is a one-stop-shop for addressing some of the most common aging skin care concerns, from fine lines to dryness.

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Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra Clarifying Face Oil

sunday riley face oil
Courtesy of Sephora

As much as we'd like to think that breakouts and an oily T-zone are something we can outgrow, sometimes it's simply the reality of getting older. If you find that your skin is oilier as you age, turn to this fan-favorite clarifying oil. "It contains salicylic acid, making it a good choice for acne-prone skin," says Dr. Craiglow.

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La Mer The Renewal Oil

la mer oil
Courtesy of Sephora

It may be luxe, but it's absolutely worth it. This facial oil contains oleic acid, which is hydrating, moisturizing, and a great option for those looking to revive their aging skin. It also touts a wide array of natural oils—including meadowfoam, eucalyptus, camelina sativa seed, and cranberry—which work together to firm sagging skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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The Ordinary 100% Rosehip Seed Oil

the ordinary skin oil
Courtesy of Ulta

Say hello to an affordable anti-aging skin care oil. According to Dr. Craiglow, this formula—which boasts antioxidant- and fatty acid-rich rosehip seed oil—helps to brighten skin while restoring its barrier.

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Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Oil

youth to the people glow dream oil
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Here's an oil perfect for sensitive skin—it's made with free radical-fighting maqui, hydrating and redness-reducing prickly pear, and collagen-supporting acai. What's more, it's infused with evening primrose oil, which reduces transepidermal water loss and multiplies the efficacy of moisturizer, according to Sheila Farhang, MD, a board certified dermatologist and founder of Avant Dermatology & Aesthetics.

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REN Clean Skincare Bio Retinoid Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate Oil

ren anti-wrinkle oil
Courtesy of Dermstore

In this clean option, you'll find retinol-mimicking bakuchiol, as well as vitamin A-rich rosehip seed oil. The formula can balance oily skin, prevent acne, act as an anti-inflammatory agent, brighten the complexion, and soothe skin.

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RMS Beauty Beauty Oil

rms beauty oil
Courtesy of Credo Beauty

This beloved oil hydrates, heals, and protects skin against free radicals and other skin aggressors. Where rosehip oil works to brighten, jojoba oil deeply hydrates. "Jojoba oil is also rich in fatty acids, so it can accelerate wound healing and help with inflammatory conditions such as eczema," Dr. Farhang says.

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Biossance 100% Sugarcane Squalane Oil

Courtesy of Amazon

Biossance's squalene oil has garnered a cult following in recent years—and for good reason. "It's very hydrating, absorbs easily, and can help to smooth and soften skin," Dr. Craiglow says.

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Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil

murad multi-vitamin infusion oil
Courtesy of Sephora

All skin types can benefit from this vitamin-rich oil. It is made with hydrating jojoba seed oil, soothing cannabis sativa seed oil, and linoleic acid. Together, the product boosts the skin's barrier and helps heal and prevent inflammatory flare-ups.

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Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Oil

neutrogena retinol oil
Courtesy of Ulta

This oil is made with the be-all, end-all anti-aging ingredient: retinol. "Retinol is one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients but can often be irritating," Dr. Craiglow says. "This formulation provides the benefits of retinol while simultaneously providing hydration, which may make it easier to tolerate, particularly for those with sensitive skin."

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Farmacy "Honey Grail" Ultra-Hydrating Face Oil

farmacy face oil
Courtesy of Amazon

Looking to combat dryness and dullness? Try this facial oil from Farmacy, which is made with antioxidant-rich honey, omega-rich sea buckthorn oil, and a blend of barrier-maintaining hibiscus sunflower oils. Surprisingly, it's also lightweight, so even those with oily or combination skin types can enjoy its effects.

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Mae Love "Love 31" Facial Oil

mae love face oil
Courtesy of Mae Love

The 31 in this product's title refers to the number of botanical extracts and vitamins that make up its undeniably beneficial formula. With calming cannabis sativa, hydrating jojoba, and anti-inflammatory rose at its core, it's a dream for even the most sensitive skin. Though, let it be known that it does have a bit of a natural scent, so apply it with a less-is-more approach.

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