The 7 Best Turkey Platters to Show Off Your Bird This Thanksgiving

Give the centerpiece of your feast the platform it deserves.

Woodland Turkey Rectangular Platter, 17.5"
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You spend time and effort brining, roasting, and carving your Thanksgiving turkey. Sure, you could serve your perfectly browned bird straight from the carving board, but in our opinion, a beautiful turkey platter gives it the platform it deserves and makes it look even more delicious. Maybe you inherited a platter but want to try a different look this year, or maybe you've always wanted to invest in a special turkey plate you can look forward to taking out year after year. Now's the time to invest in a classic, or to find one that suits your own tradition.

In addition to the price point, consider how much work you want to put into cleaning and storing your turkey platter:

  • Stoneware is generally dishwasher safe and less expensive than porcelain.
  • Some porcelain needs to be hand washed; it ranges in price based on how delicate it is and whether or not it is hand painted.
  • Aluminum has the beautiful look of more expensive pewter but needs to be hand washed.
  • Silver requires hand washing, special storage, and regular polishing.

The Best Turkey Platters

  • Best Affordable: Sur La Table Thanksgiving Turkey Oval Serving Platter
  • Best Heirloom: Spode Woodland Turkey Rectangular Platter
  • Best Nature-Inspired: Juliska Forest Walk Oval Platter
  • Most Artistic: Mud Pie Watercolor Turkey Platter
  • Best Minimal: Bee & Willow Harvest Turkey Oval Serving Platter
  • Best Extra Large: Williams-Sonoma Plymouth Extra Large Platte
  • Best Metal: Designs Arthur Court Oval Turkey Platter
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Best Affordable: Sur La Table Thanksgiving Turkey Oval Serving Platter

Sur La Table Thanksgiving Turkey Oval Serving Platter
Courtesy of Sur La Table

With his proud chest and colorful plumage, this turkey is the, ahem, stuff Thanksgiving dreams are made of. Let the cornucopia of fruits and vegetables that ring this regal guy inspire the rest of your tablescape—surround your roasted bird with similar produce, then set an apple at each place setting for a simple but classic harvest theme.

We love that this relatively delicate stoneware platter has the look of more expensive porcelain but is ultra-affordable and dishwasher safe. The oval platter is 19½ inches long.

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Best Splurge: Spode Woodland Turkey Rectangular Platter

Woodland Turkey Rectangular Platter, 17.5"
Courtesy of

Spode is the OG when it comes to seasonal porcelain. This 17½-inch long platter with its signature brown border is part of a celebratory set originally introduced by the English company in 1831. It's delicate, but not too precious to be put to real use: It can go in the microwave, and is both oven and dishwasher safe. Complement it with the full matching set—plates, coffee cups, and all—to take the turkey theme to town, or keep it simple and add plain plates and glassware.

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Best Nature-Inspired: Juliska Forest Walk Oval Platter

Juliska Forest Walk 17" Oval Platter
Courtesy of Bloomingdale's

If a turkey platter with a full turkey on it feels a bit too traditional (or too literal) for your taste, consider this botanical take. Juliska's Forest Walk pattern looks beautiful all year but has a definite harvest feel with the feathers, acorns, and berries. Pull colors from the rim of this 17-inch oval platter to choose dishware and linens for the rest of your table: rich, deep reds, subtle grays, and flax would look equally flattering.

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Most Artistic: Mud Pie Watercolor Turkey Platter

Mud Pie Watercolor Turkey Platter, White, 14"" x 20 1/2"""
Courtesy of Amazon

Say you want to take your Thanksgiving table in a less conventional, brighter direction. This 20-inch watercolor platter gives you a soft, subtle palette of blues, greens, and earthy pinks to pull from. We love how it pops against a wooden farm table or a colored tablecloth, so you can go as casual as you like, too. Just hand wash it to maintain the design and glaze.

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Best Minimalist: Bee & Willow Harvest Turkey Oval Serving Platter

Harvest Turkey 20-Inch Oval Serving Platter in White
Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

All white dishes go together—even if the patterns don't match perfectly. If you're looking for a turkey platter to complement your everyday white set, this affordable 20-inch stoneware piece is perfect. The simple embossed turkey at the center gives you the seasonal touch you're after, and we love how the vines of the pumpkins on the rim trail over the edges in a charming way. After dinner, pop it in the dishwasher or cover it and stick it in the fridge. You can microwave leftovers right on it.

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Best Extra Large Classic: Williams-Sonoma Plymouth Extra Large Platter

Plymouth Turkey Extra Large Serving Platter
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Bring on that 20-pound bird! This 17 3/4-by-21½-inch platter is wider than the other options and can hold the turkey and its accompaniments. The design is definitely inspired by 18th-century porcelain patterns like Spode's, but here it's simplified to focus solely on the star of the show: the turkey.

Though this serving platter is made of glazed porcelain, it isn't too delicate and can work as hard as you do on Thanksgiving: It's oven safe up to 570 degrees Fahrenheit (although we don't expect you'll need it unless you're making Thanksgiving pizza?), and it can go in the freezer and dishwasher.

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Best Metal: Arthur Court Oval Turkey Platter

Arthur Court Designs Aluminum Harvest Turkey Oval Platter Food Serving Tray Thanksgiving Holiday Theme Metal Artisan Quality Hand Polished Tarnish-Free 21.5 inch x 16 inch
Courtesy of Amazon

Arthur Court's pewter-look aluminum is ultra collectible and surprisingly utilitarian: This piece can go in the fridge, freezer, and oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, plenty hot to warm up slices of turkey before you sit down to dinner. It does require hand washing, but is generously sized at 21½ inches long. Best of all, aluminum goes with any color palette—and there are adorable (and very realistic looking) three-dimensional turkey-shaped place card holders to match.

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