Want to Score a Date With Martha? Our Founder Shares Her Red and Green Flags on a Recent Segment of "The Drew Barrymore Show"

Her date not liking Snoop Dogg? According to Martha, that's a yellow flag.

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The opportunity to cook with Martha is something few people would pass up, including Drew Barrymore. On a recent segment of The Drew Barrymore Show, our founder shared a recipe for brioche apple bread pudding from her new cooking series, Martha Cooks, which debuts on November 14. During her guest appearance, the lifestyle mogul talked about everything from dating and her famous Instagram selfies to the proper way to whisk ingredients.

As Martha and Barrymore worked through the recipe's steps, it became clear that our founder's years of cooking knowledge were needed. While Barrymore mixed together the components of the dish, Martha quickly corrected her whisking technique. "Emulsify. Emulsify," Barrymore said. Martha responded, "No, no. We're not emulsifying."

Eventually, our founder took over whisking duties to show Barrymore how it's done. After learning a thing or two from the cooking expert, Barrymore tried again. "Is that better?" she said, to which Martha responded by shaking her head no. "I know, I'm a lost cause," Barrymore said.

Despite these bumps, the bread pudding eventually made its way into the oven. After baking, Martha and Barrymore each enjoyed a spoonful of the dish with a dollop of whipped cream—Martha's preferred way to enjoy the dessert.

Of course, the segment wasn't just about baking—the quippy duo also took some time to talk about Martha's famous selfie skills. Our founder told the talk show host that her photos keep people interested in her social media pages. But when it comes to finding the confidence to post things like her viral pool selfie and other similar shots, Martha has a simple solution. "I practiced the day before to see if I looked OK, and I looked good," she said.

Beyond learning how to get the perfect selfie, viewers also got some insight into Martha's dating life—and the criteria any potential love interests must meet. During a game, our founder was instructed to hold up a green, yellow, or red flag in response to several relationship questions.

For the first query, "Your date has as many tattoos as Pete Davidson," Martha held up a green flag—fine by her! "There's a thing on the Internet where everyone wants you to go on a date with Pete Davidson," Barrymore explained. But, even though she likes Pete's look, Martha implied that a potential date wouldn't happen because the actor is like her "lost son."

Martha shared a few other green flags, too: She'd love a date who cooks for her, plays footsie under the table, and takes couple selfies. As for the trait that would give her major pause? A prospective love interest not liking Snoop Dogg, of course.

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