You and Your Dog Probably Have the Same Personality, New Research Shows

Are you an unwavering optimist? Chances are, you have a golden retriever (who is just as happy as you!).

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Would you consider yourself extroverted, agreeable, open, conscientious, or neurotic? Whatever personality type you have, if you have a dog, then your beloved canine probably has the same one. According to a new study performed by the Kennel Club, which ranked over 1,500 past and present dog owners, people are most likely to pick a pet with personality traits that mirror their own, reports.

After assessing 16 popular dog breeds in relation to the five main personality types, the team found that pet parents' character traits often matched up with those of their chosen dog breed. When analyzing the data, they came to the below conclusions:

  • Risk-takers were most likely to have whippets
  • Those with positive outlooks on life tended to have golden retrievers
  • Organized individuals had miniature schnauzers
  • Agreeable extroverts had Pomeranians
  • People who were affectionate and friendly had Staffordshire bull terriers or Jack Russell terriers.

Unsurprisingly, most people surveyed did some compatibility research before choosing their dog—and 88% of participants said that this work paid off. They felt that their pet was a perfect match for their personality and lifestyle. "Each breed has distinct characteristics, traits, and care needs, which helps would-be owners understand more about whether they might be a good fit for them," said Bill Lambert, a spokesperson for the Kennel Club.

"It appears that we can often tell a lot about a person from the type of dog that they own," added Lambert. "It is quite striking to see how many people unconsciously select dog breeds with personalities that match their own character, showing that birds of a feather really do flock together."

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