Graham & Brown's 2023 Wallpaper and Color of the Year Combination Aims to Make Spaces Feel More Inviting—See the Rich Duo Here

The refreshing red paint and floral print wallpaper will instantly make any space feel cozy, but opulent.

Graham & Brown
Photo: Courtesy of Graham & Brown

If you're tired of classic neutral paint colors and are looking for something a little more inviting, then Graham & Brown's 2023 wallpaper design and color of the year is the look for you. The British wallpaper company's color pick for the upcoming year, Alizarin, is a deep and moody auburn red hue that was made for creating cozy, more welcoming spaces.

The refreshingly warm color is named after the rubia plant species that's been historically used as dye around the world. "The rich red will take you on a journey to ancient and exotic lands," Graham & Brown's website states.

It can be used in small spaces to create a cocooning effect or incorporated into larger areas of the home for feelings of opulence. The calming shade is available in iterations of resistance durable matte emulsion, interior eggshell, gloss, and matte emulsion.

In addition to Alizarin, the company also announced their pick for wallpaper of the year: Florenzia Dusk. The look reimagines classic floral prints and breathes new life and color into an artwork that has been meticulously chosen from the brand's archives. For the company, the design of the year is about reclaiming something that was once hidden away, providing a fresh take on historical aesthetics.

In addition to covering yours walls, Alizarin and Florenzia Dusk are available as couch cushions and window furnishings, giving you a variety of ways to bring Graham & Brown's 2023 design and color of the year into your home.

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