It's Official: Hawaii and Maryland Are the Happiest States, According to a New Study—Find Out Where Yours Ranks

We think you'll be surprised by the top 10.

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For some, happiness comes from spending time with loved ones; for others, even a simple trip to the garden can impart joy. But according to WalletHub's new study, where you live impacts your happiness levels, too—and some states have happier residents than other.

To identify the "happiest states" in the United States, the team factored in 30 metrics under three categories—emotional and physical well-being, work environment, and community and environment—and gave each state a score. Based on their research, Hawaii, with a total tally of 66.31, topped the list. The state led in the emotional and physical well-being category, receiving the number-one ranking overall.

Maryland and Minnesota rounded out the top three: The former—clocking in at number two—received an overall score of 62.6, ranking high in the community and environment category, while the latter stood out in the work environment sector (this state is apparently the second-best place to work in the country!). Minnesota also scored within the top five for the best sleep rates and volunteerism.

Want to see how your home state scored in the happiness department? Discover the 20 most joyful places, below—and check out Wallethub's research for the full list.

The Happiest States Across the Country

  1. Hawaii
  2. Maryland
  3. Minnesota
  4. Utah
  5. New Jersey
  6. Idaho
  7. California
  8. Illinois
  9. Nebraska
  10. Connecticut
  11. Virginia
  12. South Dakota
  13. North Dakota
  14. Massachusetts
  15. New Hampshire
  16. Iowa
  17. Delaware
  18. Florida
  19. Georgia
  20. North Carolina
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