Egg Salad and So Much More: 13 Recipes That Use Hard-Boiled Eggs

It's a favorite quick breakfast or snack, but the hard-boiled egg is also the star ingredient in these recipes that range from clever apps for entertaining to easy lunches and stellar side dishes.

shrimp cobb salad
Photo: Bryan Gardner

Hard-boiled eggs are a wonderful thing to have around for a quick breakfast or snack, as they're low-calorie, nutrient-dense, and just plain delicious. With a sprinkle of salt, a dash of hot sauce or a pinch of everything bagel seasoning, it's hard to go wrong. Looking to branch out? You've come to the right place.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a salad that wouldn't benefit from the addition of hard-boiled eggs. That said, some salads work better than others. Hard-boiled eggs are a key ingredient in classic Niçoise salad (and the version we're featuring here that has sweet roasted carrots instead of the standard tuna) and in Cobb salad (another fun twist: shrimp takes the place of chicken, and a zesty cilantro-lime dressing levels everything up). They also work wonderfully in green salad, especially when crumbled and matched with briny capers and fresh parsley.

And if you love egg salad, you'll definitely want to try the variations we've got here. One is like a cross between avocado toast and egg salad, a delicious mash-up you serve on whole-grain toast and finish with delicate fresh chives. Another relies on pepperoncini and Peppadew peppers to bring heat and tang, and chopped bell pepper for crunch.

Beyond those salads, there are tea sandwiches, a Scandinavian shrimp and cucumber sandwich, some lovely sides (including asparagus, one of hard-boiled eggs' favorite pairings), a brilliant reinvention of deviled eggs and so much more. So boil up a dozen eggs (this is our favorite method for making them) and enjoy!

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Cheater's Deviled Eggs

cheaters deviled eggs
Raymond Hom

We love deviled eggs, but they can be a bit labor-intensive. If you're pressed for time or just not up for the scooping and mixing, try this deconstructed version. Spread rice crackers with mayo and mustard, then top with a slice of hard-boiled egg, smoked sweet paprika, and fresh dill.

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Roasted Carrot Niçoise

roasted carrot nicoise salad
Chris Simpson

This is a healthy, easy, and super simple dinner, whether or not you're looking for a vegetarian take on the classic Niçoise salad. You'll find the usual green beans, cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, and, of course, perfect hard-boiled egg. And then in lieu of the standard tuna, there are deliciously sweet roasted carrots.

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Dill, Potato, and Egg Salad

dill, potato, and egg salad
Petrina Tinslay

Sliced eggs add nice heft to potato salad, making this a substantial addition to any buffet. It has a nice zing, thanks to lemon juice, tangy vinegar, sliced cornichons, and plenty of fresh dill.

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Curried-Egg-Butter Tea Sandwiches

curried egg and butter sandwiches
Raymond Hom

Whether you're hosting a fancy tea party or just want to make yourself a tasty sandwich for lunch or dinner, this is a great option. A mixture of hard-boiled eggs and butter takes on wonderful flavor thanks to yogurt, curry powder, jalapeño, and cilantro.

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Shrimp and Crudite Platter with Two Sauces

shrimp crudite salad
Justin Walker

It's a wonderful meal for a group. Le grand aioli, the French name for this festive platter, usually consists of a bright array of vegetables and some steamed seafood alongside garlicky mayonnaise. Hard-boiled eggs are a classic component, offering substance and a pretty pop of yellow.

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Grilled Asparagus with Caper-Cornichon Vinaigrette

grilled asparagus and egg salad
Gentl and Hyers

Asparagus and eggs are a time-tested combo. For this modern version, you grill the spears and then pile them on a platter with sliced hard-cooked eggs.

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Martha's Classic Guacamole

martha's classic guacamole
Chelsea Cavanaugh

Adding hard-boiled eggs is absolutely unconventional, but you'll be surprised at how good it is. Martha really does know best.

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Three-Pepper Egg Salad

three pepper egg salad
Raymond Hom

Two pantry superstars—pepperoncini and Peppadews—give this Three-Pepper Egg Salad salad a little bit of heat and a little tang, while chopped bell pepper adds the perfect crunchy counterpoint.

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Eggs Goldenrod

eggs goldenrod
Armando Rafael

To make this traditional Southern dish, you pair hard-boiled eggs with creamy béchamel sauce and buttered toast. It's a fun way to dress up basic ingredients and makes a great breakfast or brunch.

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Scandinavian Shrimp and Cucumber Sandwich

scandinavian shrimp and cucumber sandwich
Ren Fuller

Whether you serve these sandwiches open-faced or top them with a second slice of toasted bread, they're a healthy, delicious and filling meal.

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Green Salad with Crumbled Eggs

Con Poulos

Crumbled eggs (press them through a sieve to make just-right bits) pick up the briny flavor of capers and the freshness of parsley to bring a textural element to this green salad.

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Shrimp Cobb with Cilantro-Lime Dressing

shrimp cobb salad
Bryan Gardner

For this delicious upgrade to the classic Cobb salad, shrimp takes the place of chicken, and a zesty cilantro-lime dressing levels everything up.

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Mashed-Avocado and Egg Toast

mashed avocado egg toast
Ngoc Minh Ngo

Like a cross between avocado toast and egg salad, this delicious mash-up is served on whole-grain toast and finished with delicate fresh chives. Plus, there's no mayo here—creamy avocado provides plenty of richness.

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