8 Beautiful Christmas Window Decorations to Inspire Your Own

Transform your windows into stunning displays that speak to the season.


We take our time to trim the tree and deck the halls when Christmas rolls around—so why not spend a moment to spruce up our windows, too? Not only do seasonal window decorations add merriment to your home for you and your family to enjoy, but it offers a touch of holiday magic for passers-by, as well.

If you're seeking some Christmas window inspiration, let one of the following displays ignite your creativity.

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Pop of Silver

Martha's dogs on red chairs near window with wreath
Anna Williams

Who says your window decorations for Christmas needs to involve a classic evergreen wreath? Consider another, longer-lasting material that speaks to the season just as well: silver tinsel. These metallic hoops make a major statement—inside and out.

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Simple Wreaths

Johnny Miller

A series of simple wreaths suspended from ribbons in different lengths is one of the easiest ways to add some holiday cheer to your windows. "My favorite way to do this is to attach satin ribbons to faux or real wreaths and hang them from each window," says interior designer Heather Fujikawa, owner and principal designer of House Sprucing. "The consistency from window to window makes a strong statement, but is subtle at the same time."

To make this idea your own, use a ribbon color that fits your aesthetic. For example, berry offers a nice pop, while a cream fabric blends into a neutral décor scheme.

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Whimsical Mobile

christmas window decoration with mobile
Alexandra Leitner

A sweet, felted mobile inspired by wintry weather is a perfect option for anyone with kids. "For me, living with four little children also means cutting back on expensive and delicate—AKA breakable—things," says Alexandra Leitner, a lifestyle expert based in Austria. "Straw stars and little felt ornaments and animals, combined with some green branches, are the perfect go-to. And this way, you can have your kids take part in decorating for the holiday season."

To create the mobile, use a natural or faux pine or birch branch and string felted ornaments across at varying heights. Add a village scene at the bottom for a bit more whimsy.

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Mismatched Candles

candles in window
Lene Bjerre Design

The holidays aren't quite complete without a few candles, so why not keep them on display in your window? This mismatched candle design—created by Danish interior firm Lene Bjerre—is a clever spin on the traditional "candles in the window" aesthetic that feels fresh. It also allows you to lean into your own sensibilities by choosing a variety of candles that speak to you. Source the candles from different home good retailers, or try your luck thrifting or poking around an antique store.

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Lush, Seasonal Greenery

lush holiday window display
Hunt Country Gardens

If you have the time, patience, and a keenness to wow your neighbors, try your hand at this festive display of lush, seasonal greenery. This particular design was created by Desiree Lee of Hunt Country Gardens, who lends her skills to local businesses each season. "I have fun foraging the couple days before just seeing what I can find in the landscape and gardens, which dictate what details I can add to my designs," she says. "I also save things throughout the year—like hydrangea, poppy seed heads, blooms, and pheasant feathers—and keep them dried until time for use."

She says no detail is spared, and that it takes about three hours to complete these window accents. In addition to plenty of greenery (and a creative touch), you'll need florist wire and foam to complete your design. "These builds are definitely for the detail-oriented, over the top decorator in all of us," says Lee.

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Minimalist Garland

minimalist kitchen window display christmas
Brian Bieder

Whether you have large or small windows, a simple strand of long-needle pine and snow-dusted pine cones sets the mood for Christmas. "This window is on the front of the home facing the street. We opted for garland instead of wreaths, so we didn't obstruct the view," notes Grace Brackman, associate designer for Maggie Griffin Design. "Pick up a couple strands of either real or faux garlands and drape them over any window to bring the outside in!"

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Draped Garland with Bow

kitchen garland
Francois et Moi

For a different spin on a classic garland, consider this arched variation created by interior stylist Erin Francois of Francois et Moi. "I love dressing up a window or archway in my home as a nontraditional way to decorate with garland since we don't have a fireplace," she says. "To create this look, I took two garlands and draped them down either side of the window, overlapping slightly at the top. Then, I secured them in place with floral wire and an eye hook."

She also incorporated a satin bow with extra long tails. The glass "ornament" is actually her light fixture, but you could incorporate a simple glass bulb in the center for a similar effect.

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Sparkle Illusion

diy silver wreath bar cocktails
Stephen K Johnson

If you don't want to block your windows with a wreath or other Christmas display, take advantage of pieces that act like windows and throw light around the room: mirrors. Emphasize their sparkling, reflective quality by opting for a translucent beaded wreath, which looks lovely when placed over a modern bar.

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Wreath Chandelier


Here's another idea for those who don't want a Christmas window decoration idea that obstructs their view of the scenery below: Consider suspending two wreaths—the first should be larger than the second—from the ceiling directly in between two window frames. While your neighbors won't be able to enjoy the view, you sure will.

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