Want to Pedal and Cruise Like Martha? Shop These 8 Electric Bikes—Including Our Founder's Favorite

Getting some fresh air and low-impact exercise is easy with one of these high-tech bicycles.

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martha on her bike
Photo: The Martha Blog

If you love to exercise in the Great Outdoors, then an electric bike might be for you. These new-age inventions add ease to bicycle riding, as the charged motor can help you move quickly and with less force—some reach up to 25 miles per hour. These bikes are also Martha-approved: "It's a wonderful way to exercise and spend time with friends and family," she wrote on her blog. "Today's bikes are a big improvement over what we rode as children; nowadays, they offer a variety of different features to make two-wheel traveling easier and so much more comfortable."

To help you pedal and cruise like our founder, we rounded up some of the top-ranked electric bikes on the market, including Martha's personal favorite that she uses to navigate her Bedford farm's terrain.

Shop the Best Electric Bikes on the Market

Nishiki Women's Escalante Electric Comfort Bike

electric bike
Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

You'll be able to change speeds via seven different modes when riding this electric bike. It has a 350W motor and an aluminum frame built for stability and comfort, too.

Razor EcoSmart Metro R Electric Scooter

electric bike from target
Courtesy of Target

This scooter-bike hybrid's padded seat and bamboo deck makes it a comfortable, eco-friendly option. It has a 500-watt motor, can reach up to 18 miles per hour, and lasts for up to 12 miles at a time.

ENGWE Folding Electric Bikes

electric bike from amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

Powered by kinetic energy, this bike reaches up to 19.2 miles per hour via its 350W high-power brushless motor. Its removable high-capacity lithium battery provides up to 22 miles per trip.

Nakto Beige 250W Classic City Electric Bike With Plastic Basket

overstock electric bike
Courtesy of Overstock

This electric bike has a 250-watt motor and can reach up to 25 miles per hour. Its best features, however, are its beach cruiser-inspired body and adorable wicker basket—it's the perfect intersection of old meets new.

Ecotric Peacedove 26 In. 36V 10Ah 350W Step Through City Electric Bicycle

electric bike from walmart
Courtesy of Walmart

Complete with a 350w motor, this electric bike is best suited for adventurers: It can cut through trails, mountainous terrain, and more with ease. It reaches up to 21 miles per hour with various pedal options, including pedal-assist, which combines your power with the bike's.

Pedego Interceptor Electric Bike

Pedego electric bike
Courtesy of Pedego

As for Martha's pick? She loves her Pedego Interceptor Electric Bike; it has "wide, swept-back handlebars that allow for a relaxed ride," she says. "The handles are comfortable to grip and the bike has top of the line hydraulic disk brakes to make sure the rider can stop quickly and easily."

Other key features include a USB charger for your phone and other electronics, LED front and rear lights, and cost and energy efficiency (you can ride up to 76 miles on less than 25 cents worth of electricity).

Charge Bikes Electric Bike

charge brand electric bike
Courtesy of Charge Bikes

This bike is known for being lightweight and easy to use, thanks to its step-through frame and upright seating. The wide tires allow for a stable ride; the rear-rack area provides enough space and weight capacity for a child's seat.

Lectric Bikes XP Step-Thru 2.0

electric bike
Courtesy of Lectric eBikes

With this bike, you will be able to go up to 20 miles per hour and 50 miles in total on a single charge. It includes variable pedal assist and throttle to help you get up to speed—and maintain it throughout the ride. The thick tires and adjustable front fork suspension will also allow you to bike through different types of terrain.

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