'The Crown' Just Cast Actors to Play Prince William and Kate Middleton—and We Definitely See the Resemblance

Two television newcomers will depict the young Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in the show's sixth season.

prince william and kate middleton wedding kiss
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If you are a fan of the royal family, then you likely tune into the shows that depict their legacy, which dates back generations. One of the most popular series to date is the The Crown—and the casting directors of the Netflix hit just announced who will play one of the most high-profile royal couples of our time: Prince William and Kate Middleton.

According to Deadline, two television newcomers will be making their onscreen debut in the show's sixth season to portray the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Ed McVey, below, will depict the prince in his late-teens and early 20s, and Meg Bellamy, above, will play a young Kate. The pair will illustrate the courtship stage of the couple's relationship, starting when they first met in college.

Prince William and Kate first crossed paths in 2001 as undergrads at St. Andrews University of Scotland, where they both studied art history. The actors will likely touch on the different trials the couple faced prior to tying the knot a decade later. The royal couple reportedly broke up briefly in 2007, but they reconciled—thanks to the help of their dear friend, Sam Waley-Cohen, a jockey. According to the Daily Mail, the pair separated because they weren't on the same page about committing to their relationship.

Shortly after their split, Sam invited Kate and Prince William to a party at his family's Oxfordshire mansion—and at the event, the couple started talking again. A few weeks after that party, they were seen vacationing in the Seychelles together. Their friend gives them credit for reuniting, though: "There's an idea that I was like Cupid with a bow and arrow," he said in 2011, the Daily Mail reported. "People love the idea that somebody put them back together, but they put themselves together far more."

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