Alexis Ohanian Is So Proud of Serena Williams: Watch the Athlete's Husband Tear Up During Her Final Tournament

The couple's young daughter, on the other hand, was hilariously unfazed while watching her champion mom win a set at the U.S. Open.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian Wedding Day
Photo: Bob Metelus and Erica Rodriguez/Vogue Magazine

After a legendary career spanning decades, Serena Williams announced that she will be retiring from tennis to spend more time with her husband and daughter, Alexis Ohanian and Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.—affectionally called Olympia—and expand their family. The champion is finishing off her storied run in iconic fashion, and embracing the support of her fans and loved ones during this historic moment.

As Williams completes her career at the U.S. Open, Ohanian has watched and cheered her on during every match. All in all, it's been an emotional few days for the couple: In a video captured by model Bella Hadid, one of Williams' friends, Ohanian teared up as he and Olympia watched a tribute video to the tennis legend, which debuted after her latest game, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Olympia is supporting her mom in her own way: Throughout the series, she's sported a braided hairstyle with beads—which mirrored Williams' look when she won her very first U.S. Open in 1999.

Without question, Williams will go down as an all-time great in the world of tennis and beyond. But to her daughter Olympia, she's just Mom—even when she's watching her make history in real time. In a clip shared by Ohanian on Instagram, he and the crowd passionately cheer as the couple's little girl watches Williams win completely unfazed. "Dad losing it. As usual," he added to his caption.

As for Williams' next chapter? "I'm ready for the transition," she recently told Time, People reported. When thinking about motherhood and the life she and Ohanian are building, she's excited for what's to come. "I think I'm good at it, but I want to explore if I can be great at it," she said.

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