8 Gorgeous Front Porch Landscape Ideas That Will Add Some Serious Curb Appeal to Your Space

Why save the garden for your backyard when you can add fresh greenery and blooms to the front of your house?

blue house with yellow door and pretty landscaping
Photo: Amy Bartlam

First impressions matter—something that is particularly true of the front of your home. Since everyone from your guests and neighbors to the mailman regularly see and interact with this area, boosting its curb appeal makes sense. But, before you become laser-focused on the color of your front door or the style of your mailbox, you might want to turn your attention to the landscaping surrounding your porch, should you have one.

Depending on where you live, your foliage may only be in full bloom for a few seasons, making it easy to put your porch's landscape on the back-burner year round. The truth is, however, that a carefully curated front-of-house landscape gives your entryway an inviting edge.

With that said, deciding to focus on your exterior's greenery is the easy part. With so many plant species and layouts to choose from, finding the best landscaping ideas can feel overwhelming—especially if you're not a gardening expert. To make this important first step a touch easier, we tapped a few designers to share their favorite front porch landscaping ideas, from simple planters and idyllic window boxes to surrounding garden inspiration.

Style With Symmetry

For an easy, yet effective way to make your porch pop, opt for a uniform approach, like Amy Sklar did above. "The front porch is the first impression of your home, so I always love to have the door make a statement," she says. "The front entry is so important so I recommend keeping it uncluttered and symmetrical." The home's landscaping only reinforces the splashy yellow hue thanks to matching plants on either side of the punchy door.

front door minimal house
Lauren Pressey

Enhance Your Walkway

Front porch landscape ideas can (and ultimately should) go beyond your porch. This outdoor space from Linda Hayslett of LH. Designs is the perfect example. "Have a nice walkway up to the front door," she says. "Stepping stones or a concrete pathway with lighting and plants really says, 'Hello and welcome.'" Here, the clever use of natural elements draws the eye to the small porch—and then, of course, there's the visual impact of the entire entryway thanks to two trailing pothos plants.

neutral home with black door
Melissa Fitzgerald West

Mix and Match

Why settle for one type of shrubbery when you can enjoy a few? Katie Davis loves to give porches a lush, ethereal feel by incorporating species of all shapes and sizes. "Add dimension to the landscaping," the designer explains. "Varying heights of plants is a must!" For the best results, Davis recommends selecting taller plants for the end of your garden bed, and medium foliage towards the middle of the home for balance.

white house with greenery
Margaret Wright

Go High Contrast

If you're working with an all-white hardscape and cream-hued home, consider injecting some welcome color with plants. On this front porch designed by Megan Molten, natural grasses, massive succulents, and ceiling-tall trees offer high-contrast color and energy to an otherwise neutral space.

house with shingles and simple landscaping
Sarah Elliott

Experiment With Textures

If you want to make the landscaping around your porch pop, consider offsetting the surrounding grass with a contrasting material. "I insisted on using gravel as the base for these plantings instead of mulch," says Susana Simonpietri, creative director of Chango & Co. "The house has very few finishes—really just stone, one type of planting, and sod. This gives it a more modern edge for such a traditional looking house. It was a nice way of updating the space and making it feel more fun."

porch with plants and hanging chair
Spacecrafting Photography

Accessorize Your Exterior

Anyone who is looking for a lush way to make a larger porch feel more intimate should consider fixing some plants to their home's façade. Designer Bria Hammel nailed the look by hanging some potted herbs above her outdoor bar cart. An al fresco setup that can appeal to all of the senses? Yes, please.

house with minimal landscaping around porch
Read McKendree

Frame Your Front Door

At its core, a porch is a visually pleasing transition from your yard to your interior. So, why not put an extra emphasis on your home's front door? With an asymmetrical cluster of potted plants on one side, a lush tree on the other, and raised garden beds below, this setup from Robert McKinley deftly frames the home's entry point, creating a warm, inviting vestibule.

porch with furniture
Margaret Wright

Add in Some Furniture

After you spend time and energy bringing your front porch landscape idea to life, shouldn't you carve out some space to enjoy the lush view? That's exactly why Molten loves to pair greenery with great seating. "Simple furniture can elevate your front porch," she says. "Pairing greenery alongside a cozy seating area makes your guests feel welcome." Here, white chairs complement the home's crisp façade—and offer a comfortable place to sit—without upstaging the plants that line the front door.

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