11 Times Martha Proved That She Is the Ultimate Coastal Grandmother

From breezy button-downs and monochromatic looks to cable knit sweaters and casual soirees, our founder has participated in this laid-back aesthetic for years.

young martha stewart on sailboat
Photo: Courtesy of Martha Stewart

This has been the summer for the coastal grandmother aesthetic. Characterized by its blue-and-white color palettes, cable knit sweaters, earthy décor, and pretty much anything else you'd find in a Nancy Myers' film, the design trend feels comforting yet simultaneously orderly. Although Martha doesn't feel she's an emblem of the coastal grandmother look, we think the lifestyle mogul's subtle and chic style, love of neutral-toned button-downs, and East Coast vibe make her a symbol anyone can turn to when looking for inspiration to embody this trend. From vintage photos to more recent shots, our founder has been the picture-perfect example of the coastal grandmother lifestyle for years.

Going for a Boat Ride

Part of the inspiration behind the coastal grandmother aesthetic is, well, being by the coast, which is where our founder is in this snapshot above from 1970. In the picture, Martha can be seen enjoying one of her favorite pastimes: Boating. "Whether I'm navigating a small Laser, a 40-foot sloop, or a 200-foot yacht, the joy of the open sea, the brisk breezes, and the beauty of it all lure me back again and again," she has said.

Hosting a Party

If there's one thing the multi-hyphenate is known for, it's her soirees, and this intimate Fourth of July celebration is a bash anyone would want to be on the guest list for. Of course, dressed in a linen shift swimsuit cover-up and equally on-trend summer hat, Martha was the picture-perfect display of what it means to be a coastal grandma.

martha holding flowers at lily pond
Don Freeman

Visiting Lily Pond

Long Island is home to Montauk, The Hamptons, and other beach towns where residents are spotted in breezy linens and knit sun hats. It's the ultimate destination for people hoping to participate in this trend—and Martha has been visiting for years. In this photo, she's spotted in a beige monochrome look on her property in East Hampton, N.Y.

martha stewart playing croquet in backyard
John Huba

Playing Croquet

An entertaining staple at garden parties, croquet is one of Martha's favorite summer games—she even had a space of land reserved at her Westchester County, N.Y. residence to play. Here, she's seen enjoying the English-born game in a breezy button-down (a staple of our founder's wardrobe) and perfectly pressed tan slacks.

Cruising on Her Cruiser

You don't have to be near the coast to embrace the trend, as evidenced by this photo of Martha riding her blue beach cruiser down a gravel path through the woods. She brings out the ethos of the aesthetic through her monochrome look and bike helmet that's made of on-trend jute fabric.

Martha holding basket full of greens
Paola + Murray

Tending to Her Vegetable Garden

The lifestyle mogul loves a matching set and when you put it in a light earthy tone, like the relaxed look seen here, it instantly becomes coastal grandmother.

Martha Stewart sitting on chair in February 1998
William Abranowicz

The 1998 Martha Stewart Living Cover Photo

One defining aspect of the coastal grandmother aesthetic is looking cozy and put together, something Martha accomplishes in this photo. Wearing a gray cable knit sweater while perched in a neutral-toned reading chair, our founder encapsulates the calming ethos of this trend—the heirloom end table and book in hand also help!

Pieter Estersohn

Visiting the Skylands in Maine

What's more coastal grandma than a summer home? Here, Martha is pictured at hers, which is situated on Mount Desert Island in Maine. The property boasts miles of fir and spruce trees, carpets of moss, and stone pools, where our founder meanders looking effortlessly laid-back in her white button-down and blue cashmere sweater.

Posing With Her Prized Lilies

Even the flowers you grow can add to your level of coastal grandmother-ness. Martha sports a relaxed top and bottom in neutral colors, while posing next to a particularly impressive lily in her garden.

martha stewart grilling book cover

Martha Stewart's Grilling Cover

Martha never misses a chance to rock a button-down, and this one has two signature colors of the coastal grandmother color palette: blue and white. The photo is from a cover of her 2019 book, Martha Stewart's Grilling, which has over 100 recipes for burgers, tacos, kebabs, and more.

martha walking with her daughter and grandchildren
Kevin Sharkey

Playing With Her Grandkids

Of course, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to share a photo of Martha playing with her own grandkids. Next to her daughter, Alexis, she looks especially on-trend in her blue button-down and clean white pants.

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