The monarch was a major supporter of the couple's union.
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip During Royal Wedding Procession
Credit: Tom Stoddart Archive / Contributor / Getty

Kate Middleton and Prince William are well over a decade into their marriage, but the moment they exchanged vows holds a special place in fans' and members of the royal family's hearts alike—including Queen Elizabeth's. According to People, the matriarch felt particularly emotional back on April 29, 2011, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tied the knot.

Courtiers told the media outlet that the beloved monarch was filled with joy on the day of her grandson's nuptials, as she knew that the line of succession was secure with Prince William and Kate Middleton's union—and Queen Elizabeth was exceptionally proud of her granddaughter-in-law. "Hearing from the Queen that you're doing a really good job, along with getting support from your husband, you grow in confidence," a royal source told People of the now-duchess.  

While preparing to join the royal family, Kate readied herself ahead of the big day by having tea with "ladies-in-waiting and briefings from private secretaries. People wanted it to work," a royal insider told People. "And everyone has been rewarded with [the couple's] efforts."

According to the insider, Kate and the Queen also have plenty in common: The duchess mirrors many of the monarch's traits, such as her firm loyalty. Plus, the pair feels similarly about their spouses. Kate has noted that she is "in good hands" with Prince William, and the matriarch has always said that the late Prince Philip was her "strength and stay."


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